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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction to Video Series

08m 23s

In the News

10m 4s

Encoding vs Encryption

10m 27s

Introduction to Hashing Algorithms

13m 1s

Attacking Encryption With Brute Force

08m 32s

Protecting Data At Rest vs In Transit

13m 3s

The Encryption Key Exchange Problem

13m 49s

Problems With Encryption Implementations

10m 29s

The Importance of Random Number Generation and Entropy to Encryption

10m 31s

Chapter: History

Historical Substitution Ciphers

14m 50s

Historical Transposition Ciphers

07m 40s

The Historical Playfair Cipher

09m 22s

Encryption During World War II

14m 6s

Encryption After World War II

08m 41s

Chapter: Stream Ciphers

Overview of Stream Ciphers

04m 28s

Details About the A5/1 Stream Cipher

07m 56s

Details About the RC4 Stream Cipher

06m 49s

Details About the Salsa20/ChaCha20 Stream Ciphers

06m 13s

Chapter: Block Ciphers

Overview of Block Ciphers

03m 36s

What's Good and Bad With the Electronic Cookbook (ECB) Mode

05m 10s

Improving Things With the Cipher Block Chaining (CBC) Mode

03m 52s

Turning Block Ciphers Into Stream Ciphers With the Output Feedback (OFB) Mode

05m 14s

Details About the Cipher Feedback (CFB) Mode

04m 46s

What's Great About the Counter (CTR) Mode

03m 31s

Chapter: Hashing Algorithms

When Good Hashing Algorithms Go Bad

16m 27s

Chapter: Authenticated Encryption

Overview of Authenticated Encryption Systems

11m 52s

Chapter: Symmetric Key Encryption

Overview of Symmetric Key Encryption

03m 33s

The Fascinating History of DES

13m 42s

The Mechanics of DES

03m 37s

How DES Was Cracked

06m 31s

The Pleasing History of AES

03m 47s

The Mechanics of AES

06m 46s

Making AES Faster With Hardware Acceleration

04m 9s

Chapter: Key Exchange

The Fascinating History of Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange (DHKE)

12m 9s

Mechanics of DHKE

06m 6s

The History of RSA

12m 18s

Chapter: Digital Signature

Signing Documents with RSA

08m 7s

Chapter: Elliptical Curves

Overview of Elliptical Curve Cryptography (ECC)

10m 42s

Chapter: TLS

Overview of Transport Level Security (TLS)

10m 20s

Setting Up Sessions with the TLS Handshake

07m 46s

Picking Good TLS Ciphersuites

08m 21s

Using OpenSSL

09m 44s


12m 28s

Chapter: Encryption Technologies

Using JSSE

05m 17s

Encrypting Filesystems With DM-Crypt

08m 17s

Chapter: Modern TLS Configuration

Avoiding TLS Downgrades with HSTS

05m 41s

Benefits of Certificate Pinning

04m 22s

Benefits of OCSP Stapling

03m 39s

The FREAK Attack

07m 0s

Chapter: Next Steps

Encouraging The Use of Encryption With Let's Encrypt

05m 2s

The Impact of Quantum Computing on Encryption

10m 13s

What to Expect From The Government and Encryption Laws

07m 54s

Next Steps

04m 15s