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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introducing Excel Big Data

04m 46s

About The Author

01m 16s

Using The Working Files

01m 33s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Basic Data Manipulation

Fixing Headers For Screen And Print

04m 59s

Sorting Data

04m 50s

Filtering Data

05m 40s

Add A Chart In A Second

03m 18s

Chapter: Data Cleansing

Starting Out The Cleaning Process

05m 8s

Removing Duplicate Records

05m 49s

Changing The Case

05m 39s

Replacing Text Method Part - 1

06m 21s

Replacing Text Method Part - 2

06m 16s

Removal Of Non Printing Characters And Spaces

07m 36s

Numbers Standardized On Import And Export

06m 48s

Dealing With Date And Time Issues

09m 24s

Merging And Splitting Data Columns

09m 4s

Rearranging Columns And Rows

07m 31s

Comparing Multiple Datasets

06m 42s

Chapter: Excel Tables

Creating A Table

05m 18s

Formatting Made Easy

03m 14s

Managing Rows And Columns

05m 32s

Sorting And Filtering Table Data

07m 49s

Using The Totals Row

05m 48s

Adding A Calculated Column

03m 54s

Adding Charts And Pivot Tables Using Table Data

05m 25s

Data Entry And Editing Through A Form

06m 43s

Filtering Using The Slicer

05m 27s

Advanced Filtering

08m 0s

External Data As A Table Source

05m 54s

Chapter: Pivot Tables

Introducing Pivot Tables

07m 26s

Recommended Pivot Tables

04m 16s

Use Named Ranges And Rename Column Headings

04m 27s

Change The Data Function And Format The Numbers

06m 47s

Moving And Or Removing A Pivot Table

04m 4s

The Report Filter Option

04m 16s

Sorting And Filtering By Pivot Table Columns

05m 27s

Refreshing A Pivot Table

05m 29s

Drilldown Behind Pivot Table Numbers

03m 57s

Using Pivot Table Styles

04m 15s

Use Of Multiple Fields In Rows And Columns

05m 17s

Grand And Sub Totals

06m 30s

Filtering Columns And Rows Within A Pivot Table

06m 35s

Exploring Additional Options

05m 12s

Using The Data Slicer

06m 6s

Connecting To A SQL Server Database

06m 0s

Using External Connection Files

04m 48s

Chapter: Charts

Creating And Using Charts

05m 51s

Using Trendlines

08m 13s

Dynamic Named Ranges

09m 12s

Creating A Forecast Sheet

05m 10s

Plotting On Two Axis

04m 9s

Chapter: Pivot Charts

Creating A Pivot Chart

05m 37s

Altering Chart Design And Location

04m 7s

Filtering And Hiding Elements

05m 17s

Chapter: Power Query

Introducing Get And Transform The New Power Query

07m 57s

Making The Most Of The Query Editor

08m 52s

Using The Query Editor To Group Or Combine

06m 6s

Using An Odata Feed And Merging Data

07m 7s

Using Google Sheets As Your Source Data

05m 47s

Connecting To Using And Combining Webpage Data

07m 30s

Connecting To And Using Data From Facebook

07m 12s

SQL Server Data Connections

06m 23s

Get And Transform Data From Multiple Files In A Folder

06m 45s

Chapter: Power Map

Activating And Creating Your First 3D Power Map

05m 11s

A Simple Map Alternative To 3D Power Map

04m 12s

Tours Scenes And Layers

06m 29s

Create A Tour And Customize A Layer

06m 39s

Displaying Additional Data With Additional Layers

05m 13s

Adding And Animating Scenes

06m 49s

Filtering Data Within A Layer And Scene

05m 4s

Customization Options

06m 18s

Exporting Images And Videos Of Your 3D Map Tour

04m 59s

Chapter: Power Pivot

Introducing Power Pivots

05m 2s

Importing Data And Adding Additional Data To The Data Model

04m 37s

Adding Tables To The Data Model And Creating Relationships

06m 5s

Powerpivot Pivotstables And Pivotcharts

06m 10s

Adding Calculated Fields To Your Data Model

08m 47s

Measures And KPIs In Your Powerpivot

08m 53s

Chapter: Goal Seek And Solver

Use Goal Seek To Carry Out What If Analysis

05m 22s

Installing And Uninstalling Solver

03m 11s

Use Solver To Carry Out What If Analysis

07m 9s

Using Scenarios

08m 25s

Adding Constraints To Solver

05m 43s

Chapter: Data Analysis Tools

Introducing The Analysis Toolpack

03m 39s

Calculating And Graphing The Moving Average

03m 42s

Creating A Histogram With A Bell Curve

07m 55s

Chapter: The End

Sharing Your Big Data

05m 44s


06m 27s