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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What Is Apache Pig And Who Uses It

02m 51s

What You Should Expect From This Video

02m 56s

About The Author

01m 15s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Using Pig

Pig CLI, The Grunt Shell

06m 27s

Pig Latin Order, Join

11m 5s

Pig Latin Group By, For Each And Parallel

10m 56s

Hue With Pig

03m 47s

Chapter: Pig And HCatalog

What Is HCatalog

02m 38s

Using Catalog With Pig

11m 1s

Chapter: Advanced Pig

Pig Scripts

06m 40s

Parameters In Pig Scripts

06m 46s

Pig And Oozie

08m 13s

Chapter: Programming With Pig

Embedded Pig

03m 18s

Chapter: Pig UDF's And Streaming

User Defined Functions

04m 13s

Streaming Pig Data Through Custom Scripts

09m 22s

Using Hive UDFs In Pig

04m 58s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

03m 0s