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Chapter: Install And Setup MSSQL

Is This Course For Me

03m 23s

About The Author

00m 55s

MSSQL Versions And Editions

02m 40s

Installing MSSQL - Part 1

02m 41s

Installing MSSQL - Part 2

04m 51s

The Adventureworks Sample Database

02m 5s

SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

03m 43s

Restoring The Adventureworks DB

05m 25s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Exploring Adventureworks With SSMS

Exploring A Foreign Database

04m 23s

Browsing The Database With Object Explorer

04m 15s

SSMS Query Editor

05m 55s

Selecting Data About Pay Rates

03m 54s

Limiting Number Of Rows Returned

01m 20s

Is My Query Valid

00m 59s

Query Result Formats

02m 7s

Documentation In Extended Properties

04m 24s

Creating A Project To Organize Scripts

04m 13s

The Query Designer

03m 36s

Chapter: Answering Questions By Querying A Database

Answering The Question Of Pay Inequality

01m 49s

Inspecting Dependencies

02m 25s

Inspecting Foreign Keys

02m 50s

Executing Multiple Queries In Query Editor

03m 25s

Counting Results From A Query

01m 56s

Select Distinct

02m 4s

Group By And Having

03m 35s

Joining Tables

03m 49s

Aliasing Tables In A Query

02m 54s

Validating Joins And Join Types

05m 28s

Computing The Average Pay Rate

02m 58s

Order By

03m 14s


01m 17s


01m 47s

Querying Current Rate Change Date

05m 11s

Join To A Sub Query

07m 16s

Inequality In Current Wages

02m 27s


01m 55s

Chapter: Advanced Querying To Answer Subtleties

Organizational Level And Pay Equity

04m 57s

Common Table Expressions

02m 26s

REFactoring For Readability

03m 28s

Case When And Calculated Columns

06m 29s

Over Rank Functions

06m 7s

Chapter: Reporting From A Database

Getting Information To Those That Need It

01m 15s

Connecting Excel To MSSQL

04m 42s

Creating Views

03m 58s

Extracting CSVS With SQL CMD

06m 5s

SSRS Report Builder

04m 16s

SSRS Report Web Access

03m 13s

Chapter: Creating Databases

National Stock Number Extract

00m 35s

Create Database

03m 51s

Drop Database

01m 1s

SSMS Table Designer

05m 17s

Create Table

04m 46s

Drop Table

00m 54s

Data Types

05m 36s

Create Table National Stock Numbers

03m 55s

Stored Procedures - SP_Rename

01m 37s

Alter Table

02m 11s

Importing Data - National Stock Number Extract

06m 15s

Troubleshooting Importing Data

05m 50s

Import Alternatives

02m 8s

Backing Up The Database

02m 16s

Backup With Select Into

00m 51s

Chapter: Developing Applications With MSSQL

Visual Studio Community Edition

01m 21s

New Console Application

01m 30s

Connecting To MSSQL

03m 44s

Querying Data Old School

05m 28s

Create Table In Code

04m 4s

Create A Foreign Key

04m 57s

Inserting Data Old School

02m 44s

Installing Entity Famework

02m 36s

Querying With Entity Framework

05m 53s

SQL Server Profiler - What Is EF Doing

02m 20s

EF Querying Data

01m 56s

EF Inserting Data

02m 56s

EF Updating Data

02m 36s

EF Deleting Data

02m 3s

Other Programming Languages

02m 15s

Course Wrap Up

00m 39s