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Table of Contents

Chapter: Part 1: Introducing Information Architecture


02m 40s

What is Information Architecture?

14m 56s

Design for Finding

10m 6s

Design for Understanding

16m 16s

Chapter: Part 2: Putting What Before How

Understanding the Problem Space

17m 39s

Defining a Conceptual Model

18m 47s

Chapter: Part 3: Information Architecture Components

Organization Schemes

21m 44s

Labeling Systems

20m 44s

Navigation Systems

17m 14s

Search Systems

17m 53s

"Invisible" Systems

15m 17s

Chapter: Part 4: Getting Information Architecture Done

Working with Others

17m 29s

Communication and Documentation

18m 11s

Managing Change

20m 23s

Chapter: Summary


02m 14s