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Table of Contents

Chapter: Course Overview

About The Course

08m 59s

About The Author

02m 47s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Spring Data Introduction

Chapter Overview

02m 38s

Spring Data Features

08m 0s

Core Concepts

07m 38s

Spring Tool Suite Installation

05m 30s

Spring Data Demonstration

05m 2s

Chapter: Spring Data Configuration

Chapter Overview

05m 26s

Spring Boot Configuration

09m 23s

Project Setup

08m 29s

Java Configuration

07m 38s

Bootstrapping A Java Configuration

07m 26s

XML Configuration

09m 52s

Chapter: JPA Repositories

Chapter Overview

02m 45s

Retreiving Entities

08m 23s

Persisting New Entities

02m 40s

Modifying Entities

03m 14s

Removing Entities

03m 59s


05m 14s

Chapter: Derived Queries

Chapter Overview

03m 0s

Derived Queries

03m 57s

String Operators

06m 18s

Relational Operators

05m 31s

Logical Operators

05m 20s

Date Comparisons

04m 21s

Ordering Results

02m 36s

Limiting Query Results

06m 25s

Transversing Nested Properties

06m 17s

Chapter: Additional Query Techniques

Chapter Overview

02m 45s


05m 43s

Named Queries

07m 25s

Paging Results

09m 46s

Sorting Results

07m 21s

Query Method Return Types

04m 56s

Chapter: Advanced JPA Techniques

Chapter Overview

04m 27s

Customizing Repository Behavior

09m 10s

Global Repository Customization

09m 25s

Async Queries

06m 39s


07m 48s

Modifying Queries

05m 29s

Chapter: Spring MVC Integration

Chapter Overview

02m 39s

Project Overview

03m 43s


05m 39s

Paging Integration

07m 5s

Sorting Integration

05m 56s

Chapter: MongoDB

Chapter Overview

02m 3s

Mongo Features

04m 59s

Mongo Installation

07m 58s

Mongo Demo

06m 58s

Securing Mongo

06m 33s

Chapter: Mongo Template

Chapter Overview

04m 11s

XML Configuration

05m 49s

Mongo Template

06m 29s

Mapping Documents

04m 57s

Inserting Documents Part - 1

04m 56s

Inserting Documents Part - 2

03m 45s

Updating Documents

09m 1s

Upserting Documents

03m 32s

Removing Documents

01m 44s

Retreiving Documents

03m 2s

Criteria And Query Objects

08m 47s

Mongo Java Configuration

04m 50s

Chapter: Mongo Repositories

Chapter Overview

03m 7s

Mongo Repository Setup

03m 29s

Repository Populator

09m 1s

Mongorepository Basics

05m 8s

Geospatial Features

06m 36s

Full Text Search

08m 16s

JSON Queries

04m 34s


09m 16s

Chapter: Spring Data Rest

Chapter Overview

03m 11s

Project Setup

08m 36s


04m 35s

Customizing Rest Configuration

06m 43s

Exploring The Rest API

06m 20s

Paing And Sorting

06m 8s

Customizing Resource Access

06m 54s


04m 22s

Chapter: Course Wrap-Up

Course Wrap Up

05m 49s