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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Course Goals

02m 15s

Course Roadmap

01m 39s

An Overview Of The App We'll Be Building

02m 26s

Why Migrate From PHP to Node?

02m 18s

About The Author

02m 12s

Is Node Right For Your Project Goals?

03m 20s

Course Pre-requisites

01m 31s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Understanding The Differences Between PHP and Node

Are PHP And Node Equivalent?

01m 25s

The Difference Between PHP And Node

03m 23s

A Look At Popular PHP And Node Libraries

04m 2s

Blocking IO Vs Non-Blocking IO

02m 9s

PHP And Node - Comparing Growth And Community Trends

02m 11s

Chapter: Introduction To Node

Installing Node

02m 7s

What Is io.js?

02m 9s

Which IDE Is Right For Working With Node And JavaScript?

02m 41s

The Node Command Line Interface

03m 58s

Chapter: Package Management In PHP And Node

Why Package Management?

02m 20s

What is NPM?

00m 50s

Compare: Composer Vs NPM

01m 27s

Installing An NPM Package

01m 34s

Demo - Install NPM Modules

04m 16s

Publishing NPM Packages

01m 44s

Chapter: Serving Websites In PHP And Node

Apache Vs Node's Web Servers

01m 35s

Demo - Hello World In PHP

02m 20s


02m 13s

Express Overview

01m 37s

Express Routing

03m 20s

Chapter: Creating A Restful API

Understanding Restful APIs

02m 42s

Restful APIs In PHP Vs In Node

01m 42s

Laravel Vs Express - Restful APIs

02m 57s

Demo - Implementing A Restful API In Node.js Using Express

03m 10s

Chapter: Automating Tasks

Why Task Automation?

03m 6s

PHP And Node - Comparing Task Runners

03m 5s

Task Running And Task Runners In NPM

02m 28s

A Visit To The Gulp Website And Github Page

01m 28s

Demo - Set Up Gulpfile

01m 46s

Demo - Setting Up Gulp Server Task

01m 24s

Demo - Watch For File Changes

01m 56s

Chapter: Testing Node Applications

Why Is Testing Important?

02m 16s

PHP Vs Node - Testing

02m 0s

Node Testing Frameworks

01m 39s

Demo - Scaffold For Jest Testing

03m 0s

Demo - Implement Jest Testing

03m 54s

Chapter: Isomorphism For Efficient Websites

Introduction To Isomorphism

01m 14s

Isomorphism Explained

03m 19s

PHP Vs Node - Code Reuse

02m 47s

Reusing Code And Server-Side Rendering

02m 35s

Demo - Add Front End

01m 10s

Demo - Serve App Isomorphic

04m 6s

Demo - Finishing Isomorphic Components

03m 2s

Chapter: Working With Databases

Introduction To Databases

03m 49s

Working With Databases in Node

02m 4s

MySQL Vs MongoDB

01m 27s

Demo - Install And Run MongoDB

01m 51s

Demo - Connecting To Mongo And Dropping Databases

01m 42s

Demo - Designing Mongoose Schemas

02m 10s

Demo - Creating Initial MongoDB Entries

02m 21s

Demo - Return Data From MongoDB

02m 4s

Chapter: Authentication

Node Authentication

02m 25s

Modern Authentication With Passport

02m 3s

Implementing Passport

01m 45s

Demo - Add Authentication Scaffold

01m 41s

Demo - Create Passport Local Strategy

02m 22s

Demo - Serialize And Deserialize Users

01m 41s

Demo - Implement Authentication

02m 29s

Demo - Implement Routes For Passport

03m 20s

Chapter: Deployment

PHP Vs. Node - Deployment

02m 27s

Deploying Node Applications To VPN

02m 25s

Deploying Node Applications To A Specialized Host

03m 28s

Steps To Deploying To Heroku

01m 26s

Demo - Prepare Application For Heroku Deployment

02m 11s

Demo - Setting Up Heroku

02m 12s

Demo - Deploying To Heroku

02m 27s

Chapter: Conclusion

Course Summary

03m 34s

Continue Your Education

04m 29s


01m 18s