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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introducing Yii 2.0

The Course Overview

03m 19s

Creating a Development Environment Using Vagrant and PuPHPet

05m 42s

Installing the Basic Application Template

03m 13s

An Overview of the Yii 2 Directory Structure

05m 8s

Configuring and Extending Yii 2 Components

07m 4s

Chapter: Introducing Yii's Development Tools

Configuring and Using Gii

03m 2s

Generating and Working with Models

05m 1s

Generating the Controllers

05m 23s

Generating the Views

04m 45s

Configuring and Using the Debug Module

04m 42s

Chapter: Testing with Yii and Codeception

Introducing the Codeception Testing Framework

05m 19s

Unit Testing

05m 29s

Functional Testing

04m 48s

Installing Selenium and Acceptance Testing

05m 32s

Chapter: Creating and Managing Users

It's Alive ECreating our First Monster

05m 16s

Warding Off Evil

06m 16s

Registering Our Ghouls, Goblins, and Vampires

06m 11s

Access Control Filter EThe Silver Bullet

05m 5s

Implementing Role Based Access Control

06m 52s

Chapter: Adding Some Style

All about Yii 2 Layouts

06m 57s

Managing JavaScript and CSS

03m 39s

Introducing the Yii 2 HTMLHelper

06m 49s

Monster Profiling EThe Scary Details

06m 45s

Chapter: Finding Love

Finding the Right Ghoul-mate Using ActiveQuery

06m 44s

Enhancing the Search UI

05m 13s

Displaying and Sorting Results

05m 34s

Adding New Themes

06m 25s

Chapter: Beyond the Basics

Sending E-mails Using Swiftmailer

06m 2s

Working with Images

06m 13s

Tracking Database Changes Using Migrations

06m 26s

Love, the International Language (i18N)

06m 29s