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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms

The Course Overview

02m 5s

What Are Data Structures and Algorithms?

02m 35s

Why Use Data Structures in JavaScript?

02m 19s

Course Format and Datasets Contexts

02m 33s

Chapter: Arrays, Linked Lists, and Sets

Introduction to Arrays

05m 27s

Exploring Linked Lists

10m 18s

Introduction to Sets

06m 9s

Chapter: Queues and Stacks

All about Queues

04m 38s

Exploring Stacks

04m 19s

Chapter: Trees and Graphs

Introduction to Binary Trees

05m 11s

Exploring Graphs

07m 42s

Chapter: Algorithms and Complexity Analysis

Describing Algorithms with Big-O Notations

06m 57s

Pathfinding Algorithms

06m 39s

Chapter: Peeking into Algorithms to Sort and Search


09m 12s


07m 2s