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Table of Contents

Chapter: Git Version Control System

The Course Overview

03m 31s

Introduction to Git

05m 17s

Learning the Most Used Commands in Git

05m 57s

Auto-deploying with Bitbucket Hooks to Your VPS

06m 16s

Chapter: Twitter Bootstrap

Combining Highload with Twitter Bootstrap Framework

07m 51s

Adding Bootstrap Components to Highload

05m 52s

Using Bootstrap JavaScript Features in Highload

04m 31s

Chapter: Security Moments and Access Permissions

Implementing RBAC in Highload

08m 4s

Adding Security on Form Submission in Highload

06m 31s

Working with Passwords Correctly in Highload

05m 49s

Chapter: Caching

Improving Performance in Highload

07m 43s

Fragmenting, Page Caching, and HTTP Caching

07m 1s

Combining and Compressing JavaScript and CSS Files

06m 28s

Chapter: Additional Storages for Cache and Sessions

Changing Highload Session Storage to the Database

06m 19s

Using Memcached for Session Storage

03m 51s

Learning to Use Redis for Session Storage in Highload

04m 38s

Chapter: Full Text Search

Using Sphinx with Yii 2

06m 46s

Understanding Elasticsearch for Yii 2

06m 23s

Learning to Use MongoDB with Yii 2

06m 15s

Chapter: Testing with Codeception

Installing and Configuring the Test Components

09m 8s

Discussing Unit Testing

06m 22s

Learning Functional Testing

06m 19s