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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introducing Promises

The Course Overview

02m 17s

Promises – You've Been Using Them All Along

07m 15s

Make Me a Promise

06m 11s

Chapter: Resolving and Rejecting ES6 Promises

Creating ES6 Promises

09m 11s

There Are Only Two Types of Promises in This World

08m 39s

Deciding What's Next

10m 55s

No Second Chance

09m 57s

Callbacks Execution and Timing

10m 45s

The Future Is Coming – Angular v2 Promises

04m 14s

Chapter: One Man’s Garbage Is Another Man’s Gold

Chaining Promises

12m 4s

Making API Data User-ready

09m 13s

Changing Successes into Failure

08m 30s

Turning Failure into Success

07m 42s

Chapter: Combining Promises

Parallel and Independent Tasks

04m 16s

Interdependent Tasks

08m 5s

Series Flow - with a Twist

07m 25s

Chapter: Extra Promises

Make It All Asynchronous

08m 41s

The Pitfall of No Return

04m 18s

Promises Versus Events

09m 25s

Race to the Finish Line

08m 32s