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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


01m 11s

What Is AWS?

03m 13s

About The Author

00m 52s

How Does AWS Compare To Other Cloud Environments?

02m 12s

Understanding The AWS Architecture

03m 23s

Getting Started With AWS

01m 8s

Interacting With AWS - Console, API, CLI

02m 43s

What You Should Expect From The Video

01m 54s

Chapter: Compute Services Overview

EC2: Virtual Servers

02m 9s

EC2 Container Service

01m 47s

Elastic Beanstalk

01m 36s


02m 6s

Chapter: Storage In AWS

Simple Storage With S3

01m 58s

Content Delivery With Cloudfront

01m 47s

Archival Data Services With Glacier

01m 23s

Chapter: Databases In AWS

Traditional Databases With RDS

02m 29s

Nosql With DynamoDB

00m 58s

Data Warehouses In AWS With Redshift

01m 25s

Data Caching With ElastiCache

01m 33s

Chapter: Management-Related Services

Monitoring With CloudWatch

01m 46s

Automation With CloudFormation And OpsWorks

01m 58s

Logging With CloudTrail

01m 4s

Configuration Management And Standardization

01m 33s

Chapter: Security In AWS


01m 56s

Directory Services

01m 38s

Web Application-Layer Firewalls

02m 6s

Chapter: Networking

VPC Overview

02m 7s

DNS With Route 53

01m 52s

Connecting Directly To AWS

00m 54s

Chapter: Developer Tools

Deployments With CodeDeploy

01m 38s

Continuous Delivery With CodePipeline

01m 6s

SCM With CodeCommit

01m 8s

Chapter: Application Layer Services

Queue Management With SQS

01m 27s

Streaming With AppStream

01m 44s

API Management With API Gateway

01m 52s

Sending E-Mail With SES

01m 21s

Managed Search With CloudSearch

01m 21s

Workflow Management With Simple Workflow Service

01m 24s

Realtime Media Transcoding

01m 38s

Chapter: Mobile-Related Services

Push Notifications With SNS

01m 52s

Testing Mobile Applicatons With Device Farm

01m 43s

Managing Identity With Cognito

01m 57s

Testing And Analyzing With Mobile Analytics

01m 36s

Building Apps With Mobile Hub

02m 32s

Chapter: Analytics In AWS

Real-Time Streaming Data Management With Kinesis

01m 25s

Orchestrations With Data Pipeline

01m 58s

Machine Learning In AWS

01m 19s

Hadoop With Elastic MapReduce

01m 53s

Elasticsearch Clustering

01m 34s

Chapter: Enterprise Use Cases With AWS

Virtual Desktops With WorkSpaces

02m 23s

Enterprise E-Mail And Calendaring With WorkMail

02m 15s

File Storage And Sharing With WorkDocs

02m 0s

Moving An Application To AWS

02m 9s

Migrating Databases To AWS

02m 31s

Moving Virtual Servers To AWS

02m 28s

Chapter: Conclusion


00m 38s