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Chapter: A First JS Shell Script

Is This Course For Me

05m 2s

About The Author

00m 58s

Shell Scripting Mac, Linux, Unix With BASH

05m 55s

Shell Scripting Windows

05m 34s

Why NodeJs

04m 20s

NodeJs Versions And Mac Tooling

05m 14s

Windows Tooling

02m 18s

The NodeJs REPL As A Shell

02m 38s

Benefit - NPM Ecosystem Of Packages

06m 6s

Benefit - Object Oriented

03m 23s

Benefit - Cross Platform Consistency

01m 18s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Connecting Shell Concepts

A First JS Script

03m 42s

NodeJs Globals

03m 40s

Environment Variables

03m 5s

Writing To Files

04m 56s


03m 59s

Exit Codes

03m 2s

MyPyramid Food Raw Data Example

03m 21s

The Path Module

07m 0s

Using ~ In Paths

03m 20s

Reading A File

01m 24s

Piping Output

01m 18s

Pretty Print XML

03m 42s


03m 45s

Challenge - Word Count

01m 13s

Chapter: ShellJS


03m 39s

ls) And echo()

04m 20s

rm() And mkdir()

04m 54s

Thumbnail Conversion Part - 1

06m 4s

Thumbnail Conversion Part - 2

02m 6s


01m 46s

find() And filter()

03m 11s


00m 47s

cat() And to()

01m 39s


00m 26s

Prompting For Input

03m 51s

Portability And lwIP On Windows

04m 41s


01m 33s

Chapter: Options With Commander


05m 38s

Arguments With Commander

04m 0s

Automatic Help

00m 44s

Required Arguments

01m 11s

Argument Defaults

01m 23s

Splitting Out An Options Module

03m 30s


01m 48s

Chapter: Functional Pipelines

Back To CSVs

01m 6s

Average Closing Price

04m 36s

Functional Sum

06m 11s

Separation Of Concerns

02m 46s

Sorting Prices

02m 29s

Average Price By Week

06m 7s

Chapter: Reusing Scripts

Running The Script Anywhere

02m 1s

Setting Up A Global NPM Package

05m 50s

Global Packages On A Mac

02m 37s

Global Packages On Windows

04m 17s

Updating Our Package

01m 29s

Publishing The Script

03m 24s

Chapter: Testing Shell Scripts

The Desire To Test

01m 45s

Setting Up Mocha

04m 13s

Testing Weekly Averages Part - 1

03m 50s

Testing Weekly Averages Part - 2

04m 14s

Course Conclusion And Resources

05m 6s