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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction And About The Author

03m 36s

Chapter: GitHub Pages

Introduction And Key Terms

02m 28s

The Quick Way: The Generator

05m 53s

Going Manual With Jekyll - Part 1

09m 13s

Going Manual With Jekyll - Part 2

10m 15s


05m 58s

Sitemaps, Feeds, And Redirects

06m 58s

Custom 404 Pages

01m 51s

Custom Domains

08m 31s

Misc: Emojis, @mentions, Unpublishing, Troubleshooting, etc.

04m 30s

What We Have Learned

02m 8s

Chapter: Wizard tricks

URL-Only Filters And Display Tweaking

05m 52s

URL-Only Features

02m 28s

Gist Secrets

02m 42s

Keyboard-Only Features

05m 27s

GitHub Remote URL Tricks

06m 49s

04m 4s

Chapter: Integrating With External Services

Key Terms

05m 18s

Issue Tracking

07m 32s

Continuous Integration

11m 33s

Test Coverage And Quality Metrics

16m 17s

Chat Rooms

05m 59s

Dependency Monitoring

07m 3s


12m 13s

Showing Off Your Chops With Service Badges

07m 41s

What We Have Learned

03m 34s

Chapter: Using The GitHub API


03m 43s

First Principles: HTTPS, REST, JSON, And Hypermedia

18m 55s

Gaining Access And Authenticating - Part 1

09m 42s

Gaining Access And Authenticating - Part 2

10m 46s

The Main Areas Of The API

04m 38s

Example 1: Monitoring The Activity Of A Repo

16m 36s

Example 2: Automatically Creating A Gist

05m 45s

Example 3: Turning An Issue Into A Pull Request

06m 16s

Using Wrapper Libraries

03m 21s

What We Have Learned

02m 31s

Chapter: Advanced Account Management

Key Terms

04m 49s

Multiple E-mails And Keys

04m 40s

Changing Your Username

02m 37s

Merging Accounts

02m 25s

Creating And Populating Organizations

11m 20s


06m 35s

Organization Security

07m 3s

Organization Miscellanea

03m 39s

Billing And Payments

11m 13s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

02m 39s