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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction and Structure

The Course Overview

01m 47s

What Is Meteor?

02m 25s


05m 23s

Chapter: Routing and Layout

Single Page Applications

01m 19s

Routing URLs

06m 24s

Callback Methods

08m 1s

Chapter: Roles and Authorization


08m 15s

User Profile and Avatars

07m 28s

Add Roles and Authorization

06m 23s

Chapter: Collections and Publications

Defining a Collection

06m 38s

Forcing Server-side Operations

07m 22s

Hooks, Helpers, and Relationships

08m 7s

Chapter: Subscriptions and Queries

Template-based Subscriptions

04m 51s

Route-based Subscriptions

04m 18s

Complex Query Syntax

05m 41s

Chapter: Templates and Spacebars

Template Expressions

06m 19s

Reusable Components

02m 54s

Helper Functions

06m 13s

Using Variables for Application State

04m 8s

Chapter: Helpers and Events

Data Context and Helpers

03m 57s

Best Practices

03m 31s

Template Events

05m 41s

Chapter: Server Methods

Invoking Methods from the Client

03m 8s

Securing Data on the Server

04m 21s


05m 24s

CRUD Functions

06m 50s

Chapter: Testing Your Application

Types of Testing

03m 19s

Writing Useful Tests

04m 47s

Chapter: Deploying Your Application

Deploying Locally

04m 6s

Deploying to the Meteor Server

02m 38s

Deploying to the Amazon EC2 Instance

04m 47s

Update Your Deployed Application

02m 37s

Chapter: Troubleshooting Meteor

Client Debugging

05m 23s

Server Debugging

02m 47s

Chapter: Integrating Other Frameworks

Adding PayPal Integration

09m 41s

Connecting to a REST Endpoint

02m 41s

More in Meteor

09m 24s