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Table of Contents

Chapter: Course Introduction

The Course Overview

02m 49s

The Game

02m 34s

Chapter: Getting Started


06m 23s

Connecting to the Remote Service

03m 40s

The Redis CLI

04m 21s

Chapter: Keys and Values

Storing and Retrieving Strings

08m 21s

Keys Instead of Indexes

06m 24s

Chapter: A Game Needs Players

Modeling a Player

04m 42s

Creating, Storing, and Retrieving Players

11m 23s

Storing and Validating Passwords for Login

04m 1s

Chapter: Building a Word Dictionary

Sets and Membership

03m 33s

Making a Redis Dictionary

08m 10s

Chapter: Modeling the Game

Understanding the Game

05m 28s

Creating and Storing a Game w/ Game Players

07m 22s

Creating the Tile Bag

05m 45s

Chapter: Taking a Turn

The Player’s Tray

09m 38s

Validating a Turn

09m 47s

Storing the Turn in the Game

12m 6s

Chapter: Game Over and Winners

How Does a Sorted Set Work?

07m 57s

Finishing the Game

08m 27s

Storing and Sharing the Results

04m 58s

Displaying the Top 10 Players

09m 53s

Chapter: Is It My Turn?

Redis Events

06m 18s

Modeling the Event

01m 56s

Publishing the Event

10m 33s

Subscribing to the Event

06m 3s

Chapter: Wrapping Up

What Have You Learned?

02m 46s

What More Could Be Done?

03m 13s