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Table of Contents

Chapter: The Hadoop Ecosystem

The Course Overview

01m 51s

Overview of HDFS and YARN

07m 24s

Overview of Sqoop and Flume

03m 17s

Overview of MapReduce

03m 38s

Overview of Pig

03m 4s

Overview of Hive

06m 33s

Chapter: Installing and Configuring Hadoop

Downloading and Installing Hadoop

02m 53s

Exploring Hue

05m 24s

Chapter: Data Import and Export

Manual Import

04m 33s

Importing from Databases Using Sqoop

06m 27s

Using Flume to Import Streaming Data

05m 7s

Chapter: Using MapReduce and Pig

Coding "Word Count" in MapReduce

05m 55s

Coding "Word Count" in Pig

02m 30s

Performing Common ETL Functions in Pig

08m 48s

Using User-defined Functions in Pig

05m 58s

Chapter: Using Hive

Importing Data from HDFS into Hive

04m 57s

Importing Data Directly from a Database

02m 23s

Performing Basic Queries in Hive

06m 58s

Putting It All Together

02m 15s