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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

About The Course

01m 23s

About The Authors

01m 4s

Chapter: Agile Development

Agile Development Intro

08m 22s

Agile Development - Exercise

02m 7s

Agile Cycles

07m 21s

Agile Cycles - Exercise

01m 45s

User Stories

13m 49s

User Stories - Exercise

03m 23s


13m 49s

Estimating - Exercise

02m 17s

Technical Practices

10m 37s

Technical Practices - Exercise

02m 0s

Pair Programming

09m 55s

Pair Programming - Exercise

01m 48s


06m 39s

Retrospectives - Exercise

02m 40s


10m 43s

Standups - Exercise

02m 18s

Story Boards

10m 43s

Story Boards - Exercise

02m 13s

Agile Workspace

05m 15s

Agile Workspace - Exercise

01m 44s

Roles In An Agile Team

05m 45s

Roles In An Agile Team - Exercise

01m 46s

The Agile Manifesto

05m 45s

Chapter: Conclusion

Next Steps

01m 44s