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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started


01m 3s

What You Can Expect From This Course

01m 17s

About The Authors

01m 14s


01m 39s

Setting Up Your Own Lab

01m 21s

Course And Module Structure

03m 31s

Demo: End-To-End

05m 45s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Introduction To Continuous Delivery

Introduction And Agenda

01m 14s

Meet The Typical Company

04m 2s

The Move To Agile And The Need For Faster Delivery

02m 34s

Prerequisites For Faster Delivery

02m 19s

Organizational And Architectural Challenges

03m 19s

From Silos To A Release Pipeline

02m 6s

Paradigm Shift

01m 38s

Introducing Parts Unlimited

03m 19s


01m 31s

Chapter: Version Control As The Foundation Of Continuous Delivery

Introduction And Agenda

01m 21s

The Need For Version Control

06m 33s

Preparing Version Control For Continuous Delivery

01m 32s

Branching Versus Feature Toggles

02m 24s

Managing Dependencies

03m 43s

Version Control Strategy

03m 32s

Demo: End-To-End

03m 6s

Version Control At Parts Unlimited

05m 27s

Demo: Implementing Team Foundation Version Control - Part 1

12m 7s

Demo: Implementing Team Foundation Version Control - Part 2

10m 50s

Optimizing Version Control For Continuous Delivery

01m 3s

Version Control For The Greenfield Application

04m 18s

Demo: Implementing Git

10m 3s

Alternative Tools

04m 12s

Feedback Loops And Summary

00m 57s

Chapter: Build: The Beating Heart Of Your Pipeline

Introduction And Agenda

01m 38s

The Need For A Build System

01m 6s

What Is A Build System?

04m 18s

Current Situation At Parts Unlimited

00m 42s

Demo: A Simple Build

02m 48s

The Issue Of Gated Check-Ins

01m 33s

Continuous Integration And Fast Feedback

04m 1s

Build Strategy For Continuous Delivery

02m 18s

Choosing A Build System

01m 56s

First Bottlenecks At Parts Unlimited

01m 47s

Getting Faster Feedback Times

02m 20s

Demo: Setting Up A Basic Build

05m 22s

Next Bottlenecks At Parts Unlimited

02m 52s

Demo: Quality Tools

04m 30s

Demo: Package Drop

02m 1s

Improving The Build Quality

01m 16s

The Importance Of Symbols

01m 0s

Demo: Symbol Server

02m 58s

Beyond The Box

01m 7s

Alternative Tools

00m 55s

Demo: Looking At Jenkins

02m 29s

Feedback Loops And Summary

02m 11s

Chapter: Testing Within A Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Introduction And Agenda

01m 29s

Testing Phase: Constraining Delivery

01m 2s

Categorizing Different Test Types

03m 32s

Typical Brownfield Test Base

00m 59s

Test Everywhere And Always

00m 54s

Automation Strategy: Parts Unlimited

01m 30s

Starting Test Automation With Unit Tests

02m 0s

Unit Testing Legacy Code

01m 21s

Demo: Intellitest

05m 8s

Improve Manual Testing

01m 45s

Demo: Capturing Existing Test Cases Using MTM

04m 11s

Using Executable Specifications

02m 7s

Demo: Specflow

06m 16s

Automated System, Integration, And End-To-End Testing

02m 0s

Demo: Using Selenium And Coded UI

16m 30s

Cloud-Based Load And Performance Testing

01m 2s

Demo: Cloud Load Testing

10m 55s

The Next Feedback Loop

00m 31s


01m 10s

Chapter: Release Management: Delivering The Agile Promise

Introduction And Agenda

01m 10s

Releasing Software

05m 32s

Current Situation: Parts Unlimited

03m 33s

Continuous Delivery: A Holistic View

06m 19s

Release Management As Functional Practice

01m 32s

Demo: What Could It Look Like

03m 30s

Provisioning Strategy

01m 35s

Demo: Provisioning

07m 2s

Deployment Strategy

01m 34s

Demo: Deployment

06m 3s

Validation And Approval Strategy

01m 35s

Parts Unlimited: Release Strategy

01m 31s

Demo: Setting Up The Pipeline

08m 47s

Alternative Tools

01m 21s

Demo: Alternative Tools

03m 5s

Feedback Loops And Summary

01m 46s

Chapter: Feedback Loops Of Your Pipeline

Introduction And Agenda

02m 2s

What Slows Development Down?

03m 18s

Feedback Loops

03m 27s

Internal Feedback Loops

04m 6s

Internal Feedback Loops: Parts Unlimited

01m 28s

Demo: Internal Feedback Loops

12m 44s

The Outer Feedback Loop

02m 21s

Reducing Waste

02m 36s

Gathering Telemetry Data

03m 58s

Parts Unlimited: Feedback Strategy

02m 25s

Demo: The Outer Feedback Loop

09m 0s

Alternative Tools

00m 52s

Demo: Alternative Tools

05m 39s


01m 34s

Chapter: Practical Guidance

Introduction And Agenda

01m 16s

The Need For A Package Manager

01m 50s

VSTS Package Management

00m 36s

Concepts Of Stable And Unstable Feeds

00m 47s

Available Package Managers

00m 47s

Demo: Package Management In VSTS

08m 30s

Database Management For Continuous Delivery

01m 42s

From Updates To Enhancements

01m 39s

Improving The Build

01m 17s

Build Agent Infrastructure

01m 40s

Publish To Nuget

00m 48s

Demo: Improving The Build

06m 0s

Improve Your Tests

02m 3s

Creating Maintainable Tests

01m 0s

Demo: Improving Tests

05m 38s

Feedback Loops For Mobile Apps

02m 52s

What Is Hockeyapp

01m 19s


01m 7s

Chapter: Advanced Techniques

Introduction And Agenda

01m 32s

Feature Toggles

04m 51s

Demo: Feature Toggles

06m 41s

Deployment Slots

01m 52s

Demo: Deployment Slots

08m 52s

Traffic Manager

02m 56s

Demo-Traffic Manager

09m 58s

A/B Testing

02m 24s

Demo: A/B Testing

03m 34s

Canary Release And Dark Launch

03m 23s

Demo: Canary Release And Dark Launch

12m 4s


00m 53s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

08m 7s