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Table of Contents

Chapter: JavaScript Course Introduction


02m 16s

Chapter: Part 1: Programming Style & Your Brain

The Way We Think

09m 3s

The Programming Thought Process

07m 16s

JavaScript: Good Parts and Bad Parts

12m 35s

Understanding Good Programming Style

11m 10s

Avoiding Confusing Code (A)

09m 16s

Avoiding Confusing Code (B)

14m 52s

Using JSLint

09m 27s

Chapter: Part 2: And Then There Was JavaScript

The History of JavaScript

16m 47s

JavaScript Fundamentals

09m 25s


11m 58s

Strings and Arrays

13m 32s


07m 8s

Common JavaScript Statements

10m 31s

Chapter: Part 3: Function the Ultimate

Background on Functions

10m 43s

Functions as Subroutines

14m 46s

Prototypal Inheritance (A)

05m 47s

Prototypal Inheritance (B)

14m 1s

Chapter: Part 4: Problems

Problems 1-5

10m 30s

Problems 6-9

13m 2s

Problems 10-12

05m 4s

Problems 13-15

11m 27s

Chapter: Part 5: Monads & Gonads

Introduction to Monads

09m 22s

The Identity Monad

09m 17s

The Ajax Monad

05m 45s

The Maybe Monad

06m 51s

The Promise Monad (A)

05m 30s

The Promise Monad (B)

08m 58s

Audience Questions

16m 3s