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Table of Contents

Chapter: Website Performance: Kyle Simpson


08m 31s

Chapter: Part 1: Make Performance a Priority

Why Web Performance?

05m 14s

Performance and User Experience

15m 26s

How we get Web performance

09m 9s

Focus on the Critical Path

13m 41s

The Total Cost of Ownership

09m 32s

Chapter: Part 2: The Middle-End: YSlow

YSlow Rules

11m 11s

YSlow Rules, Continued

14m 13s

Beyond the Big 14

10m 51s

Exercise 1

01m 32s

Chapter: Part 3: The Middle-End: Resources


11m 57s


05m 57s

Exercise 2

15m 24s

Chapter: Part 4: The Middle-End: Architecture & Communication

Understanding the Middle-end

10m 27s

Introduction to Architecture

06m 9s

Data Validation

09m 20s

JSON, Ajax, & Web Sockets

11m 5s

Chapter: Part 5: The Front-End: Resource Loading

Preloading Images

10m 9s

Lazy Loading

07m 9s

Parallel Loading

09m 29s

Chapter: Part 6: The Front-End: Abstractions & Animation

OO is Slower

06m 55s

Exercise 4

12m 44s

JavaScript Animations

13m 41s

CSS Transition vs. CSS Animation

04m 13s

Exercise 5

10m 7s

Chapter: Part 7: The Front-End: UI Thread, Garbage Collection & jsPerf

The Single Threaded Browser

09m 52s

Threaded JavaScript

11m 25s

Dynamic Memory Allocation

05m 34s

Exercise 6

05m 26s

Introduction jsPerf

05m 19s

JavaScript Performance Mythbusters

15m 54s

Exercise 7

02m 36s


03m 26s