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Table of Contents

Chapter: Responsive Design: Ben Callahan


08m 51s

Chapter: Part 1: Responsive Web Design (RWD) 101

A Fluid Foundation

12m 6s

IE Rounding and the Semantic Grid System

08m 7s

Flexible Content

15m 28s

Media Queries

18m 15s

Other RWD Considerations

08m 6s

Chapter: Part 2: RWD Process

A Myth about Process

06m 55s

Content Priority Prototype

05m 46s

Style Prototype

14m 26s

Chapter: Part 3: Applying RWD Styles

The Basic Structure

07m 53s

CSS files (using Sass)

07m 9s

Implementing RWD Styles

09m 19s

Using EM-Based Media Queries

05m 48s

RWD Patterns: Navigation

11m 41s

RWD Patterns: Tables and Images

11m 33s

RWD Patterns: Off-Canvas Layouts

07m 36s

Chapter: Part 4: RWD Retrofitting

From Fixed to Fluid

05m 3s


12m 25s

Retrofitting Images

05m 30s

Retrofitting Tables

14m 41s

Retrofitting Media Queries

05m 12s

Client Interaction

06m 21s

Chapter: Part 5: JS to the Rescue

Media Queries

11m 36s

Conditional Loading

10m 28s

Chapter: Part 6: Lessons Learned


12m 13s


06m 14s

Testing, Consistency, and Experimentation

06m 17s

Chapter: Part 7: What’s next in RWD?

The Responsive Dip

15m 55s