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Table of Contents

Chapter: UX Engineering Process: Bill Scott


03m 52s

Chapter: Part 1: Building Products

UX Process

10m 48s

Bill Scott and PayPal

07m 44s

Break Down the Walls

10m 4s

Netflix: Rapid Experimentation

11m 12s

Lessons Learned

11m 53s

Q & A

26m 41s

Chapter: Part 2: Lean UX

Lean Manufacturing

13m 50s

Lean UX

11m 0s

Three Key Principles for Lean UX

11m 49s

A Healthy Product Lifecycle

10m 58s

Key Lessons from a Lean UX Team

15m 15s

Example: Spotify

11m 12s

Q&A and wrap-up discussion, continued

15m 0s

Chapter: Part 3: Lean Tech Stack

The Way It Was

09m 54s

Using Open Source at PayPal

06m 39s

Portable UI Frameworks

06m 30s

Implementing the Portable UI

13m 17s

Rapid Prototyping

11m 36s

Rapid Prototyping, continued

14m 48s

UI Architecture Concerns

09m 28s

Responsive Web Design vs. Responsive Server Side

07m 57s

Q&A Discussion for Part 3

13m 10s

Chapter: Part 4: Anti-Patterns

Anti-Patterns 1-3

08m 15s

Anti-Patterns 4-7

08m 24s

Anti-Patterns 8-11

10m 48s

Anti-Patterns 12-14

10m 24s

Anti-Patterns 15-18

09m 7s

Final Q&A and Wrap-up

11m 49s