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Table of Contents

Chapter: Hello AngularJS


03m 14s

History of AngularJS

04m 54s

The AngularJS Elevator Pitch

09m 21s

Coding Hello AngularJS

06m 15s

Audience Questions

09m 52s

Yeoman, Grunt, and Bower

04m 13s

Yeoman Command line Demonstration

08m 29s

Chapter: Build a Strong AngularJS Foundation

The AngularJS Players

06m 41s


05m 12s

$digest and $apply

05m 25s

Model View Whatever

07m 32s

Controller and $scope

04m 10s

View and Templates

05m 22s

Models, Services, and Routes

09m 27s

Coding an MVVM application

11m 18s

Coding Routes

05m 54s

Chapter: AngularJS Directive Basics

Directives as a DSL

04m 11s

Directive Definition Object

11m 30s

The Controller & Link Functions

14m 1s

Simple Directive with jQuery

09m 4s

Audience Questions

09m 51s

Audience Questions, continued

08m 34s

Chapter: Server Side Integration with Angular JS


04m 44s

RESTful $http Code Example

08m 5s

Real Time Communication with Firebase

07m 11s

Chapter: Testing with AngularJS

The Testing Environment

07m 37s

Implementing Unit Tests

13m 4s

Audience Questions

05m 7s

Chapter: Advanced AngularJS Directives

Revisiting the Angular Process

04m 26s

Isolated Scope

11m 20s

Coding Advanced Directives: Delete

05m 23s

Coding Advanced Directives: Sort

11m 33s

Audience Questions

03m 57s

Coding Advanced Directives: Isolated Scope

06m 14s

Coding Advanced Directives: D3

04m 33s

Audience Questions

06m 44s

Chapter: AngularJS Animations

The Animation Naming Convention

04m 52s

AngularJS Animation Code Example

07m 10s

CSS Transitions & Animations

04m 41s

JavaScript Animations

11m 47s

Audience Questions

03m 27s