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Table of Contents

Chapter: Node.js Basics

Course Introduction

08m 33s

Why Node.js

07m 7s

What is Node.js

06m 52s

Basic Features of Node.js

06m 35s

Developing and Debugging

05m 9s

CommonJS Modules

09m 3s


11m 34s

Challenges 1 & 2

06m 32s

Challenge 1 Solution

08m 39s

Challenge 2 Solution

07m 57s

Chapter: Routing and Templating with Express

Express Introduction

06m 28s


07m 40s


08m 28s

Challenge 3

08m 36s

Challenge 3 Solution

07m 14s

Chapter: Persistence

Node.js Persistence Options

06m 28s

Challenge 4

06m 57s

Challenge 4 Solution

16m 51s

Challenge 4 Additional Questions

05m 38s

Chapter: Real-time Applications with Socket.IO

Socket.IO Overview

03m 26s

Challenge 5

08m 6s

Challenge 5 Solution

09m 20s

Chapter: Sharing Code with Browserify


10m 22s

Challenge 6

05m 21s

JavaScript and iOS 7

08m 14s

Challenge 6 Solution

09m 34s

Chapter: Further Reading

Moving to Production

07m 21s

Audience Questions

08m 41s