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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Speaker Introduction

14m 36s

Speaker Introduction, cont.

05m 40s

JavaScript Resources

03m 29s

ECMAScript Language Specification

09m 21s

Course Plan

06m 58s

Chapter: Scope

Scope and the JavaScript Compiler

10m 36s

Compiling Function Scope

09m 6s

Execution of Function Code

11m 36s

Scope and Execution Example

13m 14s

Function Declarations, Function Expressions, and Block Scope

09m 54s

Lexical Scope

05m 0s

Cheating Lexical Scope: eval

09m 10s

IIFE Pattern

09m 31s

IIFE Pattern Questions

04m 17s

Block Scope in ES6

04m 11s

Problems with let keyword

08m 10s

Dynamic Scope

01m 51s

Quiz: Scope

01m 43s


12m 55s

Exercise 1

02m 54s

Exercise 1: Solution

07m 55s

this Keyword

12m 4s

Binding Confusion

06m 35s

Explicit Binding

12m 40s

The new keyword

08m 11s

Quiz: this

03m 31s

Chapter: Closure


06m 47s

Closure Examples

07m 57s

More Closure Examples

05m 21s

Module Patterns

10m 30s

Quiz: Closure

04m 0s

Exercise 2

01m 59s

Exercise 2: Solution

10m 5s

Chapter: Object Orienting


05m 5s

Prototypes Explained, Part 1

10m 3s

Prototypes Explained, Part 2

06m 58s

Prototype Linkages

08m 31s

prototype: Objects Linked

06m 16s

Linked Prototype Diagram

04m 27s

Quiz: prototype

03m 2s

Exercise 3

02m 49s

Exercise 3: Solution

06m 44s


05m 6s


06m 19s

OLOO Questions

09m 7s

Quiz: Prototype

07m 14s

Exercise 4

02m 12s

Exercise 4 Solution

22m 18s

Chapter: Async Patterns


08m 15s

Solving Callback Problems

03m 2s


07m 33s


07m 51s


05m 48s

Quiz: Async Patterns

02m 28s

Exercise 5

02m 31s

Exercise 5 Solution

19m 46s