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Table of Contents

Chapter: The Silence


05m 54s

Omit Needless Names

08m 19s

Separating Mutation from Calculation

04m 7s

Recognize Pure Function

05m 27s

Separate Functions from Rules

10m 56s

Currying Exercise

02m 20s

Currying Exercise Hints

13m 43s

Currying Exercise Solutions 1 & 2

11m 44s

Currying Exercise, Challenge 3 Solution

12m 12s

Currying Exercise, Challenge 3 Solution, continued

12m 41s


06m 7s

Composition Exercise

03m 58s

Composition Exercise: Challenge 1 Solution

11m 4s

Composition Exercise: Challenge 2 Solution

05m 46s

Composition Exercise: Challenge 3 Solution

05m 59s


04m 18s

The Silence: Review

10m 17s

Questions, continued

06m 1s

Chapter: The Voyage

Reviewing Composition

05m 6s

Category Theory

05m 4s


05m 36s

Object Map

10m 16s

Maybe Functor

09m 17s

Functors Exercise 1

11m 27s

Functors Exercise 2

09m 37s

Functors Exercise 2 Solution

09m 18s

Functors Exercise 3 Solution

05m 52s

Functors Exercise 4 Solution

05m 25s

Functors Exercise Wrap-up

09m 45s


05m 50s


07m 33s

Either/IO Exercise 1

03m 52s

Either/IO Exercises 2, 3 & 4

04m 37s

Either/IO Exercise 5 and 6

06m 27s

Other Functors

10m 5s

Other Functors: Exercise 1-5

07m 45s

Functor Laws & Properties

07m 6s


15m 16s

Monads Exercises

06m 56s

Chapter: The Demo

Project Setup

06m 4s

Demo Part 1

10m 47s

Demo Part 2

09m 0s

Demo Part 3

10m 41s

Demo Part 4

15m 28s

Final Thoughts

03m 33s