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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


09m 23s

Client & Server

03m 12s

Chapter: HTML

Hypertext Markup Language

06m 19s

My First Web Page

03m 19s

HTML Tags - Meta, Content

11m 25s

Exercise 1: Creating a New Page

08m 16s

Exercise 1: Solution

12m 0s

Audience Questions

10m 4s


04m 14s

HTML Tags - Void Tags

12m 42s

HTML Tags - Grouping

04m 39s

HTML Classes

05m 6s


07m 9s

HTML Tags - Naming

02m 47s

Exercise 2 - Giving Classes

09m 39s

Exercise 2 - Solution

13m 24s

Chapter: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

What is CSS?

07m 44s

CSS Better Practices

10m 58s

CSS Text Properties and Measurements

08m 59s

CSS Boxes

07m 40s

CSS Box Questions

04m 9s

CSS Positioning

09m 33s

CSS Shortcuts

07m 42s

CSS Order & Specificity

07m 16s

CSS Specificity Best Practices

11m 37s

CSS Resets and the Developer Tools

06m 16s

Audience Questions

09m 49s

CSS Document Flow

11m 30s

CSS Float Tips

09m 45s

Exercise 3: Styling a Page

05m 47s

Exercise 3: Solution

03m 4s

Exercise 3: Final Questions

11m 45s

CSS Conclusion

10m 55s

Chapter: JavaScript

An Introduction to Programming

03m 47s

Exercise 4: Seeing Results

02m 52s

JavaScript Variables, Variable Types, & Reserved Words

05m 29s

Exercise 5: Writing JavaScript

03m 56s

JavaScript Operators, Expressions, & Comparisons

06m 59s

JavaScript Logical Operators and Arrays

06m 17s

Exercise 6: Arrays

02m 57s

Exercise 7: Manipulating Arrays

02m 53s

JavaScript If Statements

06m 43s

JavaScript For Statements

09m 41s

JavaScript Functions

15m 15s

JavaScript Scope

03m 50s

JavaScript Objects & Context

08m 53s

Javascript Objects & Context Questions

11m 33s

Anonymous Functions

07m 39s

Additional JavaScript Topics

02m 20s

Chapter: jQuery

What is jQuery?

09m 53s

jQuery Chaining

08m 41s

Responding to Users

13m 21s

Retrieving Text from an Input

06m 2s

Exercise 8: Set Text

02m 57s

Exercise 8: Solution

06m 26s

Other DOM Functions

02m 42s

Audience Questions

04m 15s

Chapter: AJAX

AJAX Introduction

13m 30s

Displaying Data

09m 26s

Exercise 9: Displaying Data from Reddit

06m 30s

Exercise 9: Solution

22m 26s


12m 40s

Chapter: Command Line

Introduction to the Command Line

06m 43s

Navigating with the Command Line

07m 22s

Git and Github

09m 2s

Git Status

07m 4s

Git Add, Commit, & Push

09m 0s

Cloning Review

13m 42s


07m 0s

Pull Requests

09m 36s

Initializing a New Repository

08m 29s

Chapter: Node.js

Node.js Introduction

15m 22s

Node Package Manager

10m 38s


09m 15s

Exercise 10: Cheer and Jeer

07m 58s

Static Assets

06m 10s

Receiving Parameters

03m 47s


04m 5s


05m 28s

Final Project - Client Side

19m 26s

Final Project - Server Side

09m 40s