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Table of Contents

Chapter: Responsive Typography: An Introduction

Course Introduction

05m 11s

Art & Technology

09m 8s

A Make-Believe Place

08m 49s


10m 55s

Progressive Enhancement

03m 28s


10m 18s


06m 6s

Responsive Web Typography Review

04m 8s

Q&A, Part 1

14m 7s

Q&A, Part 2

12m 43s

Chapter: Typography Basics: Anatomy, Picking, & Pairing

What is Typography

04m 40s


12m 36s

Type Selection

18m 57s

Type Pairing

02m 47s

Print & Pixel Parity

12m 0s

From Paper to Pixels Teaser

07m 54s

Chapter: Performance & Progressive Enhancement: Getting it On-screen & Fast

Don’t Block Page Render

05m 6s

Performance is Design

04m 5s

Exercise 1: Performance Progression

13m 0s

Exercise 1: Testing

13m 38s

Exercise 1 Questions

12m 17s

Chapter: Proportion: One Size Won’t Rule Them All

A Measure of Improvement

05m 34s

Exercise 2: Proportion

11m 22s

Exercise 2 Questions

11m 26s

Chapter: Polish: Sweating the Small Stuff

Design is the Details

08m 35s

A Little Abundance is a Lot

06m 9s

Exercise 3: Polish

11m 8s

Exercise 3, continued

11m 47s


03m 55s

Chapter: A Perfect Page

Putting It All Together

04m 12s

Exercise 4: Perfect Page

11m 4s

Exercise 4 Questions

06m 57s

Chapter: Q&A


05m 48s

High-Resolution Displays, Grids Layouts, & Links

11m 1s

Designer-Developer Communication

03m 42s

Audience Stories

14m 49s

Fit Text

08m 10s

Responsive Design Costs

03m 52s

Lost World’s Fair

08m 15s

Additional Resources

09m 20s


06m 21s