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Table of Contents

Chapter: Objects


04m 0s

Property Access

11m 21s

Bracket Notation

08m 8s

Object Best Practices

07m 22s

Storing Data and Object-Literal Notation

06m 19s


12m 52s

Objects Exercise

06m 38s

Objects Exercise Solution

09m 3s

Chapter: Arrays

Arrays vs Objects

04m 16s

Access & Assignment

10m 5s


15m 0s

Native Properties

10m 23s

Arrays Exercise

00m 41s

Arrays Exercise Solution

08m 52s

Chapter: Functions

Anatomy of a Function

05m 56s


07m 29s


07m 14s

Arguments & Parameters

15m 13s


04m 44s


14m 1s

Functions Exercise

02m 15s

Functions Exercise Solution

17m 42s

Chapter: Nesting

Nesting Objects

09m 22s

More Nesting Examples

06m 33s

Nesting Exercise

00m 23s

Nesting Exercise Solution

04m 54s

Chapter: Scope


06m 12s

Local and Global Scope

06m 13s

Parent vs. Child Scope

07m 53s


10m 2s

Scope Exercise

06m 39s

Scope Exercise Solution

23m 13s

Chapter: Closure

Closure Introduction

05m 18s

Closure Introduction, continued

09m 29s

Creating a Closure

08m 53s

Closure Questions

10m 26s

Closures and Functional Programming

08m 26s

Closure Objects

05m 26s

Closure Recipe

12m 2s

Closure Exercise Solution

13m 1s

Chapter: Callbacks

Module Pattern

06m 2s

Higher-Order Functions & Callbacks

07m 32s

Passing Arguments

09m 4s

Callbacks Exercise

00m 57s

Callbacks Exercise Solution

08m 48s

Chapter: Underscore.js

Underscore.js Introduction

03m 32s


14m 3s

08m 4s

Looping with

07m 25s vs. _.each

04m 37s

Underscore Exercise

00m 37s

Underscore Exercise Solution

13m 24s