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Table of Contents

Chapter: Categorization


08m 40s


10m 33s

Base & Layout

05m 27s


10m 55s

State & Themes

10m 36s

Exercise 1: Layout Styles

01m 44s

Exercise 1: Solution

21m 51s

Chapter: Naming Convention

Base and Layout Names

11m 41s

Module and Module Variation Names

10m 54s

State Names

05m 53s

Theme Names

12m 8s

Using Third Party Libraries

12m 2s

Prefixing for Versioning

10m 24s

Thoughts on CSS Workflow

04m 59s

Naming Convention Recap

11m 18s

Exercise 2: Module Class Names

10m 57s

Chapter: Decoupling CSS from HTML

When is it Base?

12m 8s

Depth of Applicability

07m 28s

Decoupling CSS from HTML

10m 10s

The Owl Selector

15m 19s

Exercise 3: Creating a SMACSS Navigation

02m 28s

Exercise 3: Solution

40m 45s

Chapter: State-based Design

State Representation

05m 43s

Media Query State

11m 0s

CSS Panic

09m 25s


05m 35s

Extending Classes

11m 55s

Prototyping and Style Guides

09m 0s

Proto Engine

14m 53s

Documentation Generators

09m 35s

Exercise 4: Templating

03m 27s

Exercise 4: Solution

11m 2s

Course Summary

11m 28s