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Table of Contents

Chapter: JavaScript Basics


04m 30s

Basic JS

10m 20s

JavaScript Features

05m 28s

Chapter: Data Types, Operators & Primitives

Data Types & Operators

08m 27s


09m 26s

The delete Keyword

08m 58s


06m 22s


06m 16s

Chapter: Comparison

“==“ vs. “===“

04m 37s

Comparison Operators Explained

10m 26s

Chapter: Closures

Types as Arguments

12m 25s

Counter Example 1

08m 51s

Counter Example 2

12m 38s

Closure Gotchas

11m 25s

Exercise 1: Making a Tag Library

02m 43s

Exercise 1: Solution

10m 27s

Chapter: Context

What is “this”?

14m 33s

The Dot(.) Operator

10m 12s

Exercise 2: Finding Properties

05m 26s

Exercise 2: Solution

14m 59s

Exercise 3: Invoking Functions

02m 27s

Exercise 3: Solution

14m 29s

Chapter: Prototypal Inheritance

Shared Properties & Prototype Methods

05m 18s

Prototypal Inheritance

12m 34s

Exercise 4: Implementing the ‘new’ Keyword

04m 34s

Exercise 4: Solution

08m 27s


03m 59s

Exercise 5: Creating the instance Operator

05m 54s

Exercise 5: Solution

11m 2s

Chapter: jQuery Functional Utils


04m 9s

Exercise 6 and Solution: Implementing $.extend

03m 43s

Day 1 Recap

10m 41s

Type Checking

03m 41s

Exercise 7: Implementing $.isArray()

02m 28s

Exercise 7: Solution

04m 28s

Exercise 8: Implementing isArrayLike()

07m 57s

Exercise 8 Solution

08m 7s

Exercise 9: $.each()

01m 34s

Exercise 9: Solution

07m 2s

Exercise 10: Implementing $.makeArray()

01m 41s

Exercise 10: Solution

02m 23s

Exercise 11: Implementing $.proxy()

05m 48s

Exercise 11: Solution

09m 44s

Chapter: Finding Elements

Finding from the Document

02m 46s

Exercise 12: Creating the $ function

07m 45s

Exercise 12: Solution

11m 30s

Exercise 13: Implementing the html() method

02m 49s

Exercise 13: Solution

05m 40s

Exercise 14 and Solution: val() function

02m 55s

Exercise 15: Eliminating “new”

06m 16s

Exercise 15: Solution

05m 20s

Exercise 16: Implementing the text() method

10m 23s

Exercise 16: Solution

14m 29s

Exercise 16: Solution, continued

15m 26s

Exercise 17: Adding a find() method

07m 4s

Exercise 17: Solution

10m 23s

Chapter: Traversing Elements

Exercise 18: Implementing the next() method

11m 32s

Exercise 18: Solution

05m 42s

Implementing the prev() method

07m 46s

Refactoring Traversing Code

12m 1s

Chapter: Attributes & Properties

Implementing the attr() method

06m 7s

Creating a css() method

06m 54s

DOM Layout & Positioning

05m 24s

Adding width() and offset methods

10m 34s

Adding show() and hide() methods

01m 18s

Chapter: Events

Event API

03m 19s

Adding bind() & unbind() methods

12m 43s

Event Propogation

11m 0s

Event Delegation

04m 16s

Chapter: Building a Tabs Widget

Building a Tabs Widget

16m 17s