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Table of Contents

Chapter: Why Email?


04m 4s

Why Email

08m 34s

5 Rules

09m 24s

Mobile Experience

04m 2s

Mobile Email Statistics

07m 0s

Email Strategies

06m 39s

Web Design is not Email Design

08m 58s

Email Rendering

05m 7s

Subscriber Experience

07m 52s

State of Email Standards

09m 58s

Why Email (again)?

04m 15s

Chapter: Understanding Tables & Email Structures

Using the Example Files

08m 51s


10m 50s

Audience Questions

09m 37s

Example 2: Adding Structure

08m 15s

Chapter: Images, Styles & Buttons

Automatic Image Blocking

04m 48s

Using ALT Text

05m 13s

Image Borders and Gaps

02m 43s

Example 3: Images

12m 7s

CSS In Emails

09m 20s

Example: Styles, part 1

08m 59s

Example: Styles, part 2

12m 46s

Example: Styles, part 3

11m 34s

Bulletproof Buttons

10m 21s

Chapter: Making Emails Responsive

Using Media Queries

08m 42s

Mobile Email Quirks

07m 18s

Example: Responsive Emails, part 1

10m 3s

Example: Responsive Emails, part 2

08m 12s

Where Emails are Opened

04m 59s

Web Fonts

05m 7s

Targeting Email Clients

04m 51s

CSS3, Interactivity, & Video

09m 30s

Chapter: Advanced Topics, Tools, Resources & Q&A

Advanced Techniques

06m 1s

Tools & Resources

10m 33s

Q&A, part 1

06m 6s

Q&A, part 2

10m 30s

Q&A, part 3

07m 38s