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Table of Contents

Chapter: Let’s Build an App with React

React Introduction

10m 57s

React Introduction Questions

04m 2s

Chapter: Your First Component

JSX vs. Pure JavaScript

06m 35s

Composite Components

04m 52s

Exercise 1: Rendering Data

04m 55s

Exercise 1: Solution

09m 24s

Chapter: Props

Creating Props

11m 1s

PropTypes and Keys

11m 31s

Exercise 2: Props

01m 44s

Exercise 2: Solutions

09m 12s

Chapter: Events and State

Understanding Events

08m 23s

Setting State

06m 54s

State Best Practices

08m 30s

Exercise 3: Events and States

03m 45s

Exercise 3: Solution

11m 29s

Chapter: Props vs. States

Props vs States vs Stores

12m 36s

Replacing States with Props

09m 6s

Implementing toggleAll

07m 38s

Exercise 4: Props v State

01m 10s

Exercise 4: Solution

05m 21s

Chapter: Flux

Flux Overview

05m 41s

Flux Example

08m 18s

Exercise 5: Flux

06m 53s

Exercise 5: Solution

06m 9s

Exercise 5: Solutions, continued

10m 6s

Chapter: Routing

Basic Routing

08m 31s

React Router

09m 3s

Routing Questions

14m 0s

Exercise 6: Routing

00m 26s

Exercise 6: Solution

05m 56s

Chapter: Migrating to React

Adding React to an Existing App

09m 42s

Migration Considerations

11m 15s

Chapter: Wrap Up

What’s Coming Next

09m 50s

Final Questions

13m 12s