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Table of Contents

Chapter: The Big Picture


05m 39s

The Angular Big Picture

04m 30s

File Structure

10m 55s

Chapter: Routes

Modules & Routes

12m 28s

Noterious Routes

07m 59s

Basic Routing Example

04m 0s


12m 12s

Challenge 1: Architecture

01m 17s

Challenge 1 Solution

08m 43s

Chapter: Views & Controllers


03m 17s


04m 33s

Controller As Syntax

04m 28s

ngModel & ngSubmit

07m 3s

ngRepeat & ngClick

10m 0s

Challenge 2: Views & Controllers

02m 44s

Challenge 2 Solution

11m 27s

Chapter: Services


07m 8s

Testing Services

08m 34s


08m 48s

$http Service

10m 51s

CRUD Example

02m 39s

Challenge 3: Services

00m 33s

Challenge 3 Solution

08m 24s

Chapter: Directives


04m 48s

Directive Definition Object

07m 55s

Link Function

06m 30s

Controller Function

04m 28s

Challenge 4: Directives

02m 7s

Challenge 4: Solution

08m 43s

Isolated Scope

07m 49s

Chapter: Routing

Routes and States

03m 14s

The $stateParams Service

06m 33s

Challenge 5: Routing

01m 24s

Challenge 5 Solution

09m 5s

Chapter: Wrap-up

Applying What You’ve Learned

16m 17s


16m 22s