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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introducing Framer

Intro & Agenda

08m 37s

UI Prototyping

07m 3s

Framer Examples

06m 52s

Under the Hood

04m 45s

Framer Studio Tour

07m 11s

Exercise 1: Ship a Framer Prototype

01m 9s

CoffeeScript Primer

12m 51s

Chapter: Framer Fundamentals


12m 59s

Layer Properties

07m 40s

Layer Events

05m 7s

Code Structure

05m 27s

Exercise 2: Interacting with Layers

04m 30s

Chapter: Interactivity

Animation Basics

08m 21s

Dragging & Scrolling

09m 19s


05m 45s

Exercise 3: Material Response

06m 45s

Chapter: Design Workflow

Importing Overview

02m 59s

Importing from Photoshop

06m 7s

Importing from Sketch

06m 40s

Exercise 4: Prototype an App

08m 33s

Chapter: Animation Workshop

Animation Objects

09m 26s

Bezier Animation Curves

10m 23s

Setting Defaults & Layer States

10m 21s

Sequencing & Cascading

06m 22s

Exercise 5: Animation Workshop

05m 0s

Exercise 5: Solution

09m 14s

Chapter: Responsive UI


06m 37s


12m 37s


08m 46s


04m 49s


03m 29s

Exercise 6: Card Swipe UI

05m 21s

Exercise 6: Continued

12m 52s

Chapter: Data-driven Prototypes

Layers & HTML

04m 47s

Pulling in JSON

06m 12s

Using Firebase

10m 18s

Exercise 7: “Smart” Prototypes with Firebase

08m 1s

Chapter: Appendix


13m 7s