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Table of Contents

Chapter: Setting Up AngularJS for Unit Testing and End2End Testing

The Course Overview

01m 56s

Setting Up Karma and Jasmine with Grunt Task Runner

05m 22s

Setting Up the Project Structure

03m 33s

Configuring Karma for Testing

04m 42s

Chapter: Testing Controllers

Testing Controllers That Have No Dependencies

05m 28s

Testing Controllers That Have a Dependency

04m 33s

End2End Testing Two Controllers

03m 59s

Chapter: Testing Directives

Creating an accordion Directive

03m 46s

Unit Testing the accordion Directive

05m 11s

An End2End Test of the Controller That Uses the accordion Directive

02m 12s

Chapter: Testing $resource-based REST API Services

Creating and Testing the $resource Service Using Mocks and Spies

08m 6s

Creating a REST API NodeJS Server with Fake Data

04m 20s

Displaying Information with a Directive (from the Service)

06m 30s

Displaying Information with a Controller

03m 53s