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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

The Course Overview

03m 23s

Sample Application Overview

04m 13s

Compiling TypeScript in the Sample Application

04m 31s

Chapter: Deploying the Type System

Implicit or Explicit Types

06m 53s

Avoiding the "any" Type

03m 36s

Being Aware of Structural Typing

02m 42s

Type System Troubles

04m 7s

Compiler Options for Added Support

02m 23s

Enforcing Rules and Coding Standards

04m 23s

Chapter: Moving to ES6 Classes

Introduction – Before Moving

03m 54s

Class-like JavaScript Patterns to TypeScript (Part 1)

05m 52s

Class-like JavaScript Patterns to TypeScript (Part 2)

04m 24s

Static Class-like Patterns in TypeScript

03m 17s

Shortening a Class with Parameter Properties

01m 40s

When to Use Arrow Function Properties

06m 1s

Chapter: Interacting with the Type System

Assert and Guard

05m 24s

Making the Most of Type Guarding

05m 5s

Multiple Function Signatures

06m 4s

Rest and Spread

02m 19s

Extending Built-in Types

04m 0s

Code Refactoring

03m 21s

Chapter: Representing JavaScript Libraries

Definition Files

04m 35s

Writing a Definition File

07m 46s

Strong Typing JavaScript Libraries on the Run

05m 24s

Downloading and Managing Definition Files

05m 43s

Included Definition Files

04m 17s

Chapter: Language Features for Code Improvement

Making the Most of let and const

05m 18s

Working with Strings

06m 0s


05m 21s

const enums Versus enums

03m 23s

Moving to ES6 Modules

07m 46s


05m 12s

Chapter: Advanced ES6 and ES7 Features

Introduction to Generators

06m 27s

Improving Performance and Efficiency with Generators

03m 59s

Easier Asynchronous Code with async/await

03m 53s

Harnessing the Power of Decorators

07m 36s

Advanced Decorators

03m 34s

Chapter: Bridging Statically Typed Gaps

Sharing Code Across Applications

05m 23s

Bridging with Interfaces

05m 48s

Bridging with Code Generation

03m 24s

Using TSX Files

05m 11s