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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction And Course Overview

00m 56s

About The Author

00m 48s

Getting Started With A Hadoop Installation

01m 31s

Chapter: What Is Hadoop?

What Is Hadoop?

04m 56s

What Is HDFS? - Scalable Storage

02m 2s

Understanding Block Storage

00m 56s

Block Replication And Resilience

02m 50s

HDFS Architecture - The Name Node And The Data Nodes

02m 55s

Parallel Performance

01m 12s

What Is Yarn? - Scalable Compute

04m 30s

Yarn: Plug-In Processing Engines

02m 0s

Overview Of MapReduce

06m 12s

Using Different Languages

02m 34s

Chapter: Options For Data Input

Importing Data

02m 59s

The Hadoop Client

02m 26s

Overview Of Sqoop

02m 33s

Overview Of Flume

02m 7s

Other Import Tools

02m 55s

Chapter: Hadoop Tools

What Is Pig?

03m 40s

What Is Hive?

04m 35s

Comparing Hive To SQL

02m 34s

Hive Architecture

02m 24s

What Is HCatalog?

01m 37s

Hive Interfaces

02m 32s

Apache Storm

01m 59s

Apache Spark

05m 52s

Hadoop Security

01m 45s

Overview Of Oozie

01m 43s


01m 57s

HBase And Other Data Stores: Hbase, Accumulo, Etc.

05m 1s

Apache Kafka

01m 21s

Cluster Management

02m 32s

Chapter: Conclusion

Distributions And Where To Go From Here

03m 41s


00m 29s