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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction And Course Overview

02m 57s

About The Author

01m 19s

Understanding Designs

08m 37s

Initial Device Configuration

06m 41s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Building The Internet Edge

Basic Configuration Of The J2320 And SRX

06m 0s

Connecting Branch Offices

06m 6s

Configuration Of ADSL Interface Part - 1

07m 22s

Configuration Of ADSL Interface Part - 2

03m 59s

Firewall Zones And Explanation

04m 5s

Configuring Firewall Zones Part - 1

05m 51s

Configuring Firewall Zones Part - 2

06m 57s

Configuring Firewall Zones Part - 3

04m 37s

Network Address Translation

05m 9s

Configuring Network Address Translation

06m 56s

Static Routes

05m 58s

Configuring Static Routes

06m 37s

Chapter: Creating The IPSec VPN Tunnel

IPSec VPN Overview And Explanation

09m 29s

IPSec VPN Configuration Part - 1

07m 43s

IPSec VPN Configuration Part - 2

05m 46s

Dynamic Routing Protocols

08m 2s

Configuring Dynamic Routing Protocols

04m 50s

Investigation - OSPF Over IPSec

08m 39s

Chapter: Building The Core

Introduction To Ex Switches

05m 44s

Ex2200 Default And Basic Configuration

03m 48s


05m 15s

Configuring VLANs Part - 1

04m 36s

Configuring VLANs Part - 2

05m 14s

Spanning Tree Protocol

06m 29s

Configuring Spanning Tree Protocol RSTP

03m 12s

Configuring Spanning Tree Protocol MSTP

05m 21s

Virtual Chassis

05m 20s

Upgrading Junos

06m 2s

Configuring A Virtual Chassis

04m 40s

Aggregated Links Part - 1

05m 35s

Aggregated Links Part - 2

03m 18s

Virtual Chassis Mixed Media

02m 42s

Routing With A Switch Part - 1

04m 2s

Routing With A Switch Part - 2

05m 3s

Dynamic Routing Protocol Configuration

03m 2s

Checking Full Connectivity Part - 1

05m 19s

Checking Full Connectivity Part - 2

03m 17s

Firewall Filters

05m 54s

Quality Assurance Part - 1

05m 49s

Quality Assurance Part - 2

04m 29s

Chapter: Finishing Touches


08m 29s


07m 31s


05m 3s

SNMP Part - 1

05m 17s

SNMP Part - 2

06m 0s

Device Management Part - 1

03m 7s

Device Management Part - 2

05m 57s

Chapter: Conclusion

Where To Learn More

02m 14s


02m 52s