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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


01m 0s

About Andy

04m 16s

Andys Top Ten

06m 12s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: First Things First


00m 49s

Illustrator Versus Photoshop

03m 34s

The Illustrator Workspace

04m 40s

Controlling Illustrator Tools

01m 50s

Setting Up Your Illustrator Preferences

04m 58s

Designing Custom Workspaces

05m 18s

Chapter: Managing Adobe Illustrator


00m 54s

The Start Screen

05m 17s

Managing Multiple Documents

06m 6s

Getting The Big Picture With The Navigation Panel

04m 8s

Working With Screen Modes

03m 17s

Changing The Screen View

04m 5s

Editing Tricks Using Custom Views

02m 44s

Image Control With Grids And Guides

07m 26s

Artboards 101

04m 12s

Chapter: The Layers Panel


00m 40s

The Illustrator Layers Panel

06m 39s

Creating Layers And Moving Objects

05m 15s

Layer Panel Options

04m 22s

Layer And Sublayer Stacking Order

03m 9s

Bonus Lesson: Opacity And Blending Modes

03m 17s

Chapter: Illustrator Drawing Techniques


00m 41s

Drawing Basic Paths

05m 49s

Illustrator Drawing Tools Part - 1

05m 55s

Illustrator Drawing Tools Part - 2

06m 30s

Drawing Freehand With The Pencil Tool

05m 42s

Bonus Lesson: Its All In The Math

02m 52s

Chapter: Object Transformation


00m 49s

A Look At Illustrator Selection Tools

07m 38s

Working In Group And Isolation Mode

09m 18s

Copying And Duplicating Objects

04m 51s

Scale, Rotate, And Reflect Tools

06m 24s

Distortion Tools

08m 21s

The Appearance Panel

05m 39s

Saving Graphic Styles

02m 3s

Bonus Lesson: Creating A Flower

05m 12s

Chapter: Adding Life To Vector Images


00m 32s

Working With Color In Adobe Illustrator

07m 38s

Working With Solid Colors

07m 11s

Color Swatch Types

06m 44s

Applying Gradients In Illustrator

09m 23s

The Strokes Panel

10m 2s

Bonus Lesson: Fun With Gradients

07m 46s

Chapter: Creative Illustrator Considerations


00m 46s

Creating A Clipping Mask

06m 20s

Generating A Transparency Mask

03m 17s

Working With Compound Paths

03m 42s

Using Pathfinder Tools

06m 40s

Painting With The Illustrator Brush Tool

05m 0s

Working With Type

07m 16s

Understanding Adobe Type Kit

02m 33s

Bonus Lesson: Tricks With Type

06m 32s

Chapter: Additional Creative Considerations


00m 41s

Linking Versus Embedding Images

08m 49s

Working With The Shape Builder Tool

03m 31s

Using Live Trace And Live Paint

05m 39s

Bonus Lesson: The New Shaper Tool

04m 31s

Chapter: Saving, Printing And Exporting Artwork


00m 43s

Saving An Illustrator Document

04m 11s

Exporting Options And The PDF Format

04m 30s

Performing A Basic Print Operation

05m 27s

Creating A Document Package

01m 22s

Saving Documents For The Web

05m 49s

Connecting Documents Through The Library

02m 27s

Final Thoughts

00m 52s