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Table of Contents

Chapter: Setting Up the Work Environment

The Course Overview

03m 33s

Selenium Tools Suite

02m 26s

Preparing Your Environment

05m 39s

Inspecting the Web Elements

04m 36s

Chapter: Selenium IDE

A Quick Introduction to Selenium IDE

03m 4s

Putting the Selenium IDE to Use

03m 29s

Getting to Know the Selenium IDE Better

09m 33s

Chapter: Selenium WebDriver

Introducing WebDriver

09m 32s

Implementing Our First Example

09m 7s

WebDriver Capabilities

02m 34s

The WebDriver API

03m 49s


05m 51s


05m 23s

Page Objects

09m 14s

Advanced WebDriver

20m 5s

Build with a Build System

17m 46s

Chapter: Behavior-driven Development

Business Facing

05m 45s

An Example - Infrastructure

03m 36s

Actual Cucumber Implementation

09m 18s

Maintainability and Organization of the Code

02m 41s

Chapter: Selenium Server

Introduction to the Selenium Server

07m 20s

Running Tests on the Selenium Server Internally

05m 59s

Running Tests on the Selenium Server Externally

05m 40s

Chapter: A Complete Example

Setting Up the Project

06m 37s

Implementation of the Project

05m 7s

Continuous Integration

11m 50s

Implementing Tests for the Web Application

08m 7s

Chapter: Advanced Usage and Beyond

Advanced Usage of Selenium

07m 32s

A Look Back

06m 47s