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Table of Contents

Chapter: Hello, Go Web Development

The Course Overview

03m 39s

Our First Route

05m 42s

Using Templates

04m 48s

Database Connections

05m 3s

Chapter: Collecting Books

Talking to the Server

06m 27s

Surfing the Net

04m 55s

Using the Database

06m 32s

Introduction to Web Middleware

05m 26s

Chapter: Become the Librarian

Replacing the Default Template Engine

04m 47s

Showing Off Our Books

06m 45s

Throwing Away Old Literature

04m 31s

Using gorilla/mux

04m 28s

Chapter: A Place for Everything

Using go-gorp

07m 2s

Sorting Our Books

08m 35s

Fiction and Nonfiction

07m 47s

Chapter: Different Folks, Different Libraries

Authenticated Users Only

05m 52s

Creating Users Securely

05m 12s

I Know Who You Are

04m 42s

Update the Database

04m 27s

Chapter: Wrapping Up

The Road Not Taken

07m 55s

Managing Code Quality

04m 49s

Hello, World Wide Web

09m 48s