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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started with HTML5 Canvas

The Course Overview

02m 25s

Preparing Our JavaScript for Canvas

09m 34s

Canvas Hello World

06m 19s

The Palau Flag and the Perfect Circle

05m 3s

Creating Canvas Elements Dynamically

06m 12s

Chapter: Creating Shapes Using Paths

Drawing Our First Canvas Lines

09m 43s

Meeting Canvas Paths

05m 29s

Drawing Triangles with Paths

07m 57s

Creating the Flag of Guyana

12m 20s

Creating Multipoint Shapes

08m 46s

Chapter: Drawing with Angles

Working with Sine, Cosine, and Radians

11m 31s

Creating an Animated Clock

09m 46s

Creating Complex Shapes

10m 26s

Adding More Vertices

11m 48s

Overlapping Shapes to Create Other Shapes

07m 22s

Chapter: From Curves to Gradients

Drawing Arcs

07m 0s

Drawing with Quadratic Curves

07m 23s

Drawing with Bezier Curves

04m 31s

Drawing Images into Canvas

07m 10s

Creating an Interactive Linear Gradient

09m 6s

Working with Interactive Radial Gradient

06m 7s

Chapter: Manipulating the Canvas

Working with Text

08m 17s

Pixel Manipulation

07m 22s

The Art of Clipping

09m 16s

Transforming the Canvas

05m 53s

Scale, Rotate, and Translate

06m 29s