Mastering CSS3 Colors
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Final Release Date: December 2015
Run time: 1 hour 1 minute

Conjure up stunning web pages using CSS3 Colors

Mastering CSS3 Colors aims to introduce ways you can control color using CSS3 features and shows you how to become artistic to create stunning web pages.

We will start off with understanding how color systems work and more importantly how we need to work with them. We will get to know all about core colors, web-safe colors, and named colors. We’ll then dive into creating color profiles in RGB and HSL, and also learn how to incorporate alpha channels into these profiles. We’ll learn all the neat tricks to pick perfect color themes for our pages using external images, Adobe Color CC, and ColorZilla.

Next we'll turn our attention to relative colors and the use of currentColor, transparency, and gradients, making our sites fancier than ever. Finally, we’ll look at web accessibility and make our site user-friendly for everyone.

Before you know it, Mastering CSS3 Colors will have you up-to-speed with the best tricks and hacks to create captivating web pages, faster and more effectively than ever.

Who this course is for

This video course is aimed at web designers and developers who are comfortable building simple websites with HTML and CSS, and may know some JavaScript. This video course will help you in extending your working knowledge with colors in CSS to create web pages that stand out.

What you will learn from this course

  • Explore core color properties to understand the importance of colors in web designing
  • Use RGB and HSL colors to create millions of color combinations on different digital devices
  • Integrate alpha channels into your colors to extend the usability of RGB and HSL colors
  • Figure out the best design for you using external images, Adobe CC, and ColorZilla
  • Work with dynamic colors in CSS using the currentColor keyword
  • Watch the transparent color feature in action in tandem with gradients to make your sites more appealing
  • Make your sites stand out and more accessible by adding alternative images for visually impaired audiences as well
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