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Table of Contents

Chapter: Defining Our First CSS Rules

The Course Overview

03m 36s

Getting to Know Our Project

02m 47s

Setting Our First Style

04m 48s

Adding Multiple Rules to an Element

03m 38s

Converting Our Style into a Rule

03m 14s

Moving Our CSS Logic into a Separate File

04m 6s

Inspecting Any CSS on the Fly

04m 17s

Chapter: Playing with CSS Selectors

Taking a Deeper Look into the CSS Selector Rule

04m 59s

Introducing CSS Classes

03m 36s

Talking to HTML Items with IDs

04m 45s

Traveling Through a Document with CSS Rules

03m 25s

Defining a Few Items at the Same Time

02m 26s

Best Practices When It Comes to CSS Rules

05m 22s

Chapter: Bumping It Up With Colors

Defining Backgrounds

12m 51s

Working with the Background Property

03m 55s

Understanding How Colors Work in CSS

07m 20s

Working with Advanced Color Systems

12m 31s

Chapter: Controlling Elements

Defining Opacity Levels

06m 41s

Adding Outlines to Shapes

05m 41s

Sticking to Our Borders

04m 1s

Talking to One Line at a Time

04m 19s

Chapter: Manipulating Sizes

Controlling the Width and Height of Elements

08m 29s

Defining Margins of HTML Elements

06m 50s

Sizing Things in Different Ways

07m 5s

Working with Padding

03m 34s

Chapter: Element Layout Interaction

Making Things Float

03m 31s

Displaying Elements as Block or Inline Elements

08m 25s

Avoiding Scrolls

05m 2s

Types of Position Layout

06m 3s

Chapter: Texting the CSS Way

Dealing with Bi-directional Paragraphs

10m 43s

Aligning and Text Direction

06m 58s

Defining Fonts

08m 24s

Types of Fonts

07m 50s

Decorating and Indenting Text

05m 29s

Paragraph Level Formatting

07m 17s

Working with Windows and Orphans

03m 10s

Chapter: Content Manipulation

Cutting Things Out

06m 2s

Adding Content Before and after Elements Dynamically

05m 34s

Dynamically Counting

07m 51s

Changing How the Cursor Looks Like

08m 57s