Learning CSS
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Final Release Date: December 2015
Run time: 3 hours 55 minutes

Take your first steps into the world of modern web design using CSS

Learning CSS gives you the introduction you need to start creating web pages that are visual marvels with CSS. Dealing with the absolute fundamentals of CSS, this video course gives you everything you need to know to enhance and embellish HTML web pages.

Before we plunge into the world of CSS, we are going to start off by playing around with CSS scripts, learning about styles, rules, and inspecting HTML elements. We'll then investigate HTML selection using classes, IDs, and elements. Then, we will make our website visually stimulating using colors. We will be introduced to CSS selectors, implementing colors, and manipulating the size and position of objects and layouts on the page and in relation to each other.

We'll get better and better by making the elements of our website interact with each other and tweaking the layout so our web page works on all digital devices, thereby enhancing its appeal. Finally, we'll get to grips with techniques for text and content manipulation to enhance the look and feel of our site.

Learning CSS will give you a flying start at creating stunning websites, arming you with all the know-how you'll need to incorporate CSS into your workflow.

Who this course is for

This course is meant for web design beginners who know the basics of HTML, and want to step into the future by learning how to use CSS.

What you will learn from this course

  • Learn how to work with CSS rules effectively to build efficient and modern websites
  • Manipulate specific elements on an HTML page with the power of CSS Selectors
  • Explore the basics of color theory to take advantage of all the capabilities that come with adding color to your site
  • Leverage the power of absolute, relative, static, and fixed positioning techniques to enhance the look and feel of your websites
  • Control the element size, position, as well as their interactions with other elements to create content that is adaptable and dynamic
  • Empower yourself to work with a variety of fonts to give your website that extra edge
  • Enhance user experience using dynamic content manipulation to create layouts that work on all digital devices
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