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Table of Contents

Chapter: What Makes a Great User Experience?

The Course Overview

02m 8s

UX Design Fundamentals

07m 41s

Fundamentals of Building a Website

12m 46s

Chapter: Applying Human-centered Design

Essentials of Human-centered Design

03m 12s

Empathy Mapping

07m 48s

Problem Definition- User Flows, Decision Tress, and Screen Flows

14m 56s

Intervention Planning

11m 19s

Chapter: Enhancing Site Navigation and Laying Out Our Site

Understanding the Need for Structure

02m 24s

Structure and Information Architecture

05m 34s

The Essential Elements

04m 47s

Design Patterns - Donft Reinvent the Wheel

04m 42s

SERPS as Home Pages and Location-free Browsing

05m 36s

Landing Pages, Templates, and Page Clustering

06m 47s

Chapter: Wireframing 1 - Using Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

03m 6s


04m 53s

Building Your Setup

03m 18s

Chapter: Designing the Home Page

Home Page Wireframes

02m 23s

Envisioning an Information Ecosystem

06m 6s

Formatting Pages and Content Chunking

04m 25s

Creating Interactions

06m 40s

Chapter: Using Media

Media Types

04m 58s

Media Annoyances

05m 54s

Using Graphics

05m 18s

Chapter: Best Practices and Usability

Discuss Best Practices in UX Design

05m 44s

Mobile Best Practices

04m 41s

Desktop Best Practices

03m 54s


06m 11s

Applying Usability to the Home Page

04m 26s

Chapter: Wireframing 2.0

Wireframe Your Mobile Screen

08m 49s

Wireframe Your Tablet Screen

06m 45s

Wireframe Your Desktop Screen

07m 23s

Chapter: Prototyping - Clickable Wireframes

Wireframe Setup for Prototyping

04m 23s

Flushing Out Your Wireframes

04m 31s

Connecting and Building Your Clickable Prototype

10m 3s

Chapter: The LEAN UX Prototype User Testing and Iteration Process

LEAN User Testing

05m 11s

Test Your Prototype

03m 44s

Validate and Iterate Your Prototype

06m 30s

UX Course Review

05m 12s