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Table of Contents

Chapter: Setup

Course Introduction

04m 22s

About The Author

01m 23s

Installation Mac OS X

01m 35s

Installation Windows

01m 9s

Using The Node.Js REPL

02m 33s

Executing A Script

02m 16s


01m 12s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: A Simple Web Server


00m 57s

Project Setup

01m 48s

The HTTP Module

03m 57s

Hello World Web Server

04m 12s

Logging Incoming Requests

02m 57s

Serving Static Assets

05m 35s

Node Debug

04m 36s

Debugging With Webstorm

06m 15s

The Global Object

04m 41s

Chapter: Using NPM Packages


00m 47s

Your Own Modules

07m 6s

Multiple Exports

06m 59s

Serving Up A Favicon

03m 2s


05m 59s


01m 22s

NPM Install Express

03m 49s

Hello World Express

06m 1s

Serving Static Assets With Express

01m 36s


05m 32s

Chapter: Dev Workflow


00m 48s


06m 47s

Restoring Packages

01m 47s

What To Check In To VCS

04m 20s

Checkout Workflow

01m 31s

Chapter: NPM Is Not Just Javascript

Tools Via NPM

01m 9s

Global Packages

06m 9s

Live-Server Live Reload Tool

02m 55s

Uninstalling Packages

02m 58s

Chapter: More About NPM

NPM Start

02m 38s


02m 18s

Finding The Right NPM Package

02m 40s

Listing Installed Packages

01m 5s

Getting Help With NPM

00m 44s

Getting Help For A Package

02m 42s

NPM Tab Completion

02m 4s

Installing A Specific Package Version

01m 15s

Tracking Favorite Packages

02m 4s

Updating A Package

01m 51s

Chapter: Course Wrapup

Webstorm Live Edit To Quickly Load Code Changes

04m 55s

Modules Are Singletons

02m 12s

Unhandled Exceptions

02m 4s

The End

01m 6s