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Chapter: Introduction


04m 10s

About The Author

02m 3s

Overview Of C++ Best Practices Online Book

01m 52s

Use The Correct Types And Const As Much As Possible

03m 6s

Use The Tools Available

06m 55s

A Note About Optimization

05m 32s

What Are The C++ Core Guidelines

02m 15s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Expressions And Statements

Don't Define A (C-Style) Variadic Function

05m 56s

Prefer A Range-Based For Loop When Possible

05m 36s

Know The Standard Library

04m 19s

Don't Depend On Order Of Evaluation Of Function Arguments

04m 26s

Avoid Casting

05m 24s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 2: Simplify

05m 18s

Exercise 2 - Chapter 2: Use Standard Algorithms

04m 32s

Chapter: Expressions And Statements - 2

Variable Scopes And Initialization

05m 28s

Properly Initialize Member Variables

04m 39s

Use Lambdas For Complex Initialization, Especially Of Const Variables

05m 9s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 3: Clean Up Object Initialization

05m 28s

Exercise 2 - Chapter 3: Expressions And Statements - Putting It All Together

11m 16s

Chapter: Resource Management

In Interfaces, Use Raw Pointers To Denote Single Objects Only

04m 23s

Manage Resources Automatically Using Resources Handles And RAII

05m 7s

Avoid Defining Any Default Operations, Or Define Them All

04m 27s

Prefer Stack Objects

05m 29s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 4: Fix Pointer Interface

03m 6s

Exercise 2 - Chapter 4: Implement Scoped Cleanup Object

03m 50s

Exercise 3 - Chapter 4: Consider The Rule Of 0

04m 33s

Chapter: Resource Management - 2

Don't Use Malloc And Free

02m 53s

Avoid New And Delete

04m 45s

Use unique_ptr Or shared_ptr Correctly

05m 22s

Use std::weak_ptr To Break Cycles

03m 35s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 5: Fix The Memory Error 1

04m 36s

Exercise 2 - Chapter 5: Fix The Memory Error 2

05m 29s

Chapter: Resource Management - 3

Don't Pass Smart Pointers Unless You Need To Convey Ownership

04m 0s

Avoid Copying Of shared_ptr

03m 3s

Do Not Pass A Pointer Or A Reference Obtained From An Aliased Smart Pointer

03m 27s

Use Standard Containers When Interacting With C APIs

04m 34s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 6: Fix shared_ptr Usage

04m 16s

Chapter: Conclusion

Expressions And Statements Refresher

02m 49s

Resource Management Refresher

03m 15s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 7: Refactor

07m 3s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 7: Refactor - Solution

04m 14s

Next Steps - Guideline Support Library

02m 43s

Next Steps - Contributing Back

02m 52s

Wrap Up And Thank You

01m 10s