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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


03m 55s

About The Author

02m 6s

Why WPF?

06m 51s

Evolution Of WPF

06m 45s

Opening Sample App And Demos

03m 42s

WPF Sample Application

02m 47s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Getting Visual Studio

Getting Visual Studio

06m 53s

Installing Visual Studio Part 1

06m 18s

Installing Visual Studio Part 2

03m 5s

Visual Studio First Run

06m 24s

Visual Studio Tour

06m 49s

Visual Studio Features

06m 34s

Working With XAML

06m 30s

Demo Example Files

02m 32s

Dealing With Diagnostics Tools

04m 29s

Chapter: Understanding WPF

WPF And Windows Forms

06m 16s

Programming With WPF

06m 29s

Markup And Code-Behind

04m 28s

XAML Class Attribute

04m 24s

Chapter: Understanding XAML

What Is XAML?

06m 27s

Declarative VS. Procedural

06m 9s

Elements And Attributes Part 1

06m 6s

Elements And Attributes Part 2

06m 4s


06m 43s

Property Elements

05m 31s

Property Elements Example

04m 51s

Type Converters

04m 7s

Markup Extensions

05m 56s


04m 34s

Common XAML Complaints

06m 48s

Chapter: WPF Layout

WPF Layout Basics Part 1

06m 26s

WPF Layout Basics Part 2

05m 19s

Managing Size

05m 52s

Understanding Measurements

03m 50s

Margin And Padding

04m 27s

Margin And Padding Example

04m 23s


02m 26s

Visibility Example

05m 22s

Managing Position

03m 11s

Element Alignment

05m 42s

Element Alignment Example

06m 30s

Content Alignment

02m 52s

Content Alignment Example

05m 18s

Flow Direction

04m 57s

Understanding Transforms

02m 44s

Rotate Transform

04m 29s

Scale Transform

06m 10s

Skew Transform

05m 17s

Chapter: WPF Layout With Panels

Understanding Panels

05m 22s

Canvas Panel

04m 59s

Canvas Panel Example

06m 10s


03m 16s

StackPanel Example Part 1

05m 2s

StackPanel Example Part 2

05m 42s


05m 32s

Dock Panel

03m 19s

Dock Panel Example

06m 0s

Grid Panel

06m 39s

Grid Panel Example Part 1

05m 14s

Grid Panel Example Part 2

06m 13s

Clipping, Scrolling And Scaling

04m 1s

Clipping, Scrolling And Scaling Example

05m 41s

Chapter: WPF Content Controls

Content Controls

03m 22s


03m 59s

Working With Events

05m 5s

Togglebutton Example

06m 7s

Checkbox Example

04m 54s

RadioButton Example Part 1

05m 44s

RadioButton Example Part 2

02m 36s


05m 22s

Label Example Part 1

05m 32s

Label Example Part 2

03m 27s

Tooltip Example

04m 47s

Frame Example Part 1

05m 22s

Frame Example Part 2

04m 18s

Chapter: Building The Sample Application

Sample App Structure Part 1

06m 21s

Sample App Structure Part 2

03m 29s

Creating The UI Structure

06m 13s

Adding UI Elements Part 1

06m 19s

Adding UI Elements Part 2

03m 13s

Adding Graphics Files

02m 37s

Code-Behind Functionality

04m 35s

Adding Code Behind Part 1

05m 55s

Adding Code Behind Part 2

04m 51s

Working With Blend

05m 11s

Chapter: WPF Items Controls

Items Controls

02m 58s


04m 36s


05m 9s

Menus Example Part 1

04m 35s

Menus Example Part 2

03m 11s


04m 10s


05m 38s

Chapter: WPF Basics

Logical And Visual Trees

05m 25s

Viewing The Visual Tree

05m 51s

Dependency Properties

06m 52s

Chapter: WPF Look And Feel

WPF Restyling Basics

03m 57s

Understanding Styles

02m 48s

Applying Styles Part 1

05m 9s

Applying Styles Part 2

04m 54s

WPF Skins

05m 40s

Using Skins Part 1

05m 50s

Using Skins Part 2

05m 55s

WPF Themes

05m 29s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

05m 43s